Look what CAIR’s Nihad Awadacrap tweeted in Arabic after he said, the Muslim terrorist massacre in Nairobi was “an attack on MY religion”

Nihad-AwadIn Nihad Awad’s Arabic Twitter feed, he compared the al-Shabaab Islamic terrorists responsible for the massacre at the mall in Kenya with “Islamophobes” in America.

لقاسم المشترك بين المتشددين و دعاة الاسلاموفوبيا (التخويف من الإسلام) ان كلاهما يعتقد ان النظرة المنحرفة عن الإسلام هي الأساس في الدين — Nihad Awad نهاد عوض (@NihadAwad) September 23, 2013

IPT  Awad’s Twitter feed alternates between posts in English and Arabic. This one apparently was not for an English-speaking audience: “The common denominator between the extremists and advocates of Islamophobia (creating fear of Islam) is that both believe that a perverted view of Islam is the foundation of religion.”

In case you missed it: