Residents rejoice as Syrian Army recaptures villages in Hama of which Obama-backed FSA jihadist rebels had seized control

National_Defence_Force_Syria_LogoSyrian troops backed by the  National Defence Forces Alawite militia recaptured villages in the central province of Hama, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. Official media reported that loyalist forces seized control of three villages in Hama province that had been in rebel hands, but did not mention casualties.

ATF  The Observatory said there had been clashes between rebels and regime forces in the village, but it was not clear whether the men killed were civilians or insurgents. State news agency SANA reported that regular troops entered Sheikh Hadid to “restore security and stability” and clear it of diehard jihadist fighters of Al-Nusra Front.

SANA did not mention any casualties in Sheikh Hadid, but said the army also recaptured two other villages in Hama province, Tell Malh and Jelma. The Observatory also reported that troops had seized Tell Malh and Jelma which had been in rebel hands following fierce clashes.