BELGIUM: Vlaams Belang Party’s second advertising campaign for ‘Women Against Islamization’


Last year the conservative Vlaams Belang party launched a movement called ‘Women Against Islamization’ with a controversial poster featuring party leader Filip Dewinter’s beautiful teenage daughter wearing a bikini and a Muslim full-face veil.


Last week, VB followed it up with a new poster featuring a photograph Anke Van dermeersch, the former Miss Belgium who is leader of the VB group in the Belgian senate, hitching her skirt up her legs. Various hem-lengths are marked, with “stoning” at the top and “sharia-compliant” at floor level. The photo is accompanied by the same slogan that appeared on last year’s poster – “Freedom or Islam? Dare to choose.”

Filip Dewinter, leader of the Vlaams Belang, takes to the streets to promote his 'Women Against Islamization' campaign
Filip Dewinter, leader of the Vlaams Belang, takes to the streets to promote his ‘Women Against Islamization’ campaign

Van dermeersch, who also heads Women Against Islamisation, used the opportunity to denounce “mass immigration” and the idea that “Islam is fundamentally misogynistic”.

Vlaams-Belang-Freedom-or-Islam-poster NIEUWSBLAD Google Translation A poster of legs containing words like ‘stoning’ over ‘slut’ to ‘sharia compliant “is the central image in the new campaign of  Women Against Islamisation, which was presented Thursday in Antwerp. “Islam is fundamentally misogynistic, ‘says the organization, led by Anke Van dermeersch, group president of the Vlaams Belang in the Senate. On posters and postcards is on the short-skirted legs of Anke Van dermeersch in high heels. Placed over the legs are the following value judgments (top to bottom): stoning, rape, whore, slut, moderate Islam and Sharia compliant.

“A woman is considered inferior according to the Sharia. The symbol here is the obligation of certain clothes, “says Chairman Anke Van dermeersch. “Whore and slut, are terms that we frequently get called by Muslims when we walk in the Antwerp Carnotstraat. As women we revolt against it. “

Van dermeersch argues that the problem is mass immigration from Islamic countries to Belgium. “Actually there is no moderate Islam,” says Van dermeersch. “There are some who apply but that moderate Islam will remain Islam ‘.

At the Antwerp Town Hall, several empty stiletto shoes were piled up, “as a symbol for the many victims.”

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