KENYA story of heroism by a Muslim girl who didn’t respond when the terrorists asked “Who is Muslim?”

Wounded, this young survivor did not do the one thing she could have done to saved herself.

h/t Susan K


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  1. All courage and compassion are the gifts of the Lord God. She heard her creator’s voice and did not follow the devil. She stands squarely in the shoes of Noah and Job. God bless her.

  2. I suspected from the get-go of seeing her face and hearing her Indian English accent that she was South Asian (orig. from India or Pakistan), bec. East Africa is heavily populated by pepole of Indian (both Hindu and muzzie) descent. Also, as pedopopat observed, Indians during the British Raj (Empire) really were the business people of East Africa – much like the Chinese have been the business people of SE Asia. And in the base of both the Indians and the Chinese, they were historically resented by the respective native populations bec. they controlled so much of the local economies.

  3. Brave girl, indeed. wish a lot more muslims will stand out like her in support of life instead of supporting & following the fake prophet who was poisoned to death by his favorite wife ayesha. as usual muslims blamed the jewish woman.

  4. This young lady obviously follows the first part of the Qura’n that’s where it treats
    others with dignity . Maybe the muslims should burn the back half of the book.
    She is sure one brave young lady.

  5. she is khoja muslim meaning business class sect of muslim , a sect which don’t practice Islam in its true form but a reformed one , reformation due to centuries of staying among hindus in India

      • I am from India and have lived in state of Gujarat where most of Khoja’s live and from where most Gujarati’s migrated to kenya both hindus and muslim (khoja sect) for business, Most people of India descent killed in attack are Gujarati’s

      • Also look at this page and check her ethnicity, i didn’t notice the girl’s name in the video first , but i could easily make out she is khoja, its only when u asked me how i know then ,i checked the video again to make sure and i got her name and i was right about her ethnicity

    • You are correct us Lohanas are a clan of Hindus from all over Northern India up-to Afghanistan, we are Merchants and traders pushed south as a result of the islamic conquest of South Asia, In the year 1400 my distant cousins decided to convert to a sect of islime to lose their awful dimmi status, so a few thousand perverted to islime, like this girls forefathers, however they kept their Lohana roots and are not seen as mainstream islime, they do not wear hijab or pray 5 times a day, some also still have Hindu idols in their houses.. the ones that did not pervert to islime got to live because a Hindu priest begged the muslime ruler, he accepted and they lived under dhimmi status for a while, but were still persecuted, moving again to Gujarat to escape and then a big chunk leaving for Africa under the empire..

      Islime destroyed my ancestors, we were enslaved, raped and murdered for hundreds of years pushed out of our lands because we refused to convert, its a lesson the West needs to remember, they will never stop..

      • Did you know that the European “Gypsies” are all of ex-Hindu origin, having escaped from conscription in the muslim Turks’ armies of conquest there? They’re only mistakenly called “Romany” (and Szekeleys) because they went to Romania.


    • Do not forget the Muslim scum in the British parliament like the baggage called baroness varsi who is the main Islamic adviser to Cameron and is permanent cabinet member yet was never elected to anything by the British people

      • I have to stress: truly, she was being selfless, not interested in exposing her non-Moslem colleagues and fellow-partners in danger.

        This reminds me of the air-crew of that Air-France Airbus-300 that got hijacked to Entebbe by Communist (East-German) and Moslem (“Palestinian”) terrorists: they equally ALL insisted on staying with the Jewish captives, who were facing death at the hands of those terrorist-captors and/or Idi Amin Dada’s troops (fellow-Moslems!) – and sharing their fate!!!

        [Fortunately, Israel was able to rescue nearly all these people (excluding only a few (4 out of 106) that got killed in the cross-fighting between the Israeli commandos and the terrorists plus Amin’s equivalent of Haiti’s “Tontons Macoutes” – that day, 1976/07/04, is one to be remembered in history… ]

  6. Headline’s should read muslim savages shot innocent muslim girl. Muslims do kill other muslims no matter what they tell you. Cowardly muslims try and scare the entire world with their savage attacks against woman & children and unarmed men.
    The truth of the matter is that this attack only educate’s the stupid people. Hopefully the stupid people will join us in pushing these savages back into oblivion. One can only hope.

    • A lot of them are, it is a minority that are not………they hate having to be boxed in and they do dislike what the hatred few are doing. But the media keeps it quiet, they say they do not want war……it is their Government, not them and the Paid terrorists

    • Does not matter. You kill Muslims and you expect Mercy. This is the War between Privileged and Non-Privileged. It is not Islam Vs. Non-Islam. I think this Girl is not a Muslim at All.

      Terrorist Miltary of Kenya should leave Somalia and let Somalians live the way they want to live.

    • G-d willing, her family starts practicing another religion, breaking the shackles of islam forced on her Hindu ancestors.

      In all the coverage on this muslim crime against humanity, what strikes me the most are the photos. There are blacks, whites, and Asians all helping each other. Blacks carrying injured whites, and white children to safety. Whites helping injured blacks and black children escape. A young black women who had crawled through a vent jumps down to safety and white arms reach up the catch her.

      We are all created in the image of our G-d, but so many reject emulating their Creator. Instead, they become raging subhuman monsters intent on destruction of our world. We all have to unite against our common enemies, islam and socialism/communism/progressivism/liberalism. One ideology follows a demonic god, the other claims there is no G-d.

      May mashiach arrive soon, and a house of prayer for all nations be built on the Temple mount, and knowledge of the One, True G-d of Israel blanket the planet.

      • All muslims are really only atheists because they have no faith at all in even their own god’s own ability nor desire to enforce even its own us-versus-them, might-makes-right tenets. In fact, since they officially declare it to be both unknown and unknowable, it cannot ever be Reasoned with by humans, and, since it’s held to not be in any way separate from its creation, it might as well not exist at all (when your god is most generally only “Everything,” it’s also most specifically only “nothing;” existentialism IS nihilism)! Besides, while, at worst, all real religions only say:

        “Obey our silly rules, or GOD (/’the gods’) will get you!”

        ONLY islam says:

        “Obey our silly rules, or WE will get you (‘for god’)!”

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