SWEDISH Blogger thrown out of club because she supports (anti-Muslim immigrant) Sweden Democrats


Paulina Danielsson is one of the largest and most popular fashion bloggers ‘Paow.‘ Previously, she has courageously expressed her views on immigration and politics, and equally suffered the consequences of going against the politically correct stream and being a supporter of the third largest party, the (anti-Muslim immigration) Sweden Democrats.


 (h/t Islam vs EuropeThe other day she went to a cocktail bar with her friend called The Lab. After a short time, the bouncers change shifts and one of the new bouncers (an immigrant, no doubt Muslim) comes up and tells her she has to leave because she’s too drunk, when it’s obvious she not drunk at all.  As she leaves, she overhears the bouncer of foreign origin  saying “She is a racist. She is a Sweden Democrat.” (Obviously, the bouncer is a Muslim so what is a Muslim doing working in a bar?)