TUNISIA’s new Islamist hardline government asks Interpol to arrest man in Europe who insulted Islam

Tunisia’s government is investigating a Tunisian man living in Europe who posted an online picture of himself stepping on a Quran and a video in which he throws the Muslim holy book into the trash can.


Tunisia Live (h/t Martin)  The ministry announced in a statement Thursday posted on Facebook that it calls upon the international police organization Interpol to “take appropriate action against this individual.”  The ministry also said it is coordinating with the general prosecutor on an investigation into the young man, whom the ministry did not name.

Commenters on the ministry’s post named the man in question as Bassem Sellami, who confirmed on his Facebook page that he is the man referred to in the statement.

Sellami wrote yesterday on Facebook to “friends, supporters, and sympathizers” that he is safe and added that “Interpol cannot interfere in such cases that are considered matters of freedom of speech.”

Sellami, who frequently voices what he calls “anti-Islamization” opinions online posted two YouTube videos last week. The first shows him kneeling next to a person wearing a veil and apparently reading the Quran, before closing the holy book, standing, and throwing it to a third individual who bats it with a skateboard, breaking the book into pieces.

The other video shows Sellami holding and looking at a Quran before slamming it into a trash can. The Ministry of Interior, which refused to comment for this story, did not specify which Tunisian or international laws Sellami might be violating.