CAIR outraged that man in Times Square who allegedly “attacked” a headbag-wearing Muslim terrorist supporter got off with a ticket

cuffed-thumb-250x250NJ female Muslim protester in Times Square to support terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, was called a “terrorist” by man who grabbed her pro-Brotherhood paper sign and threw it at her. Some accounts of the incident that surfaced after the incident suggest that the man was Egyptian himself and a supporter of  General Sisi, the Egyptian hero who deposed the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi.

Village Voice  Her assailant, identified by the NYPD as Atef Sabry Abu El Enin, 33, of Washington D.C., was quickly restrained by officers but, the Voice has learned, he was not charged with assault. Instead, he was taken to a local precinct where he was given a ticket for disorderly conduct and dismissed. But, pressure from the CAIR litigation jihadists means he may face more charges soon–the NYPD confirms the attack is being investigated as “a possible bias incident.”

It was hardly an attack, not even an assault. See video below.

Bagheaded Rachel Gunnoe, an unemployed Muslim woman from New Jersey, was in a Times Square on Saturday, taking part in a demonstration against the military coup in Egypt, when she was accosted by a man who grabbed her protest sign, threw it in her face, and called her a “fucking terrorist.”

Gunnoe tells the Voice she (along with CAIR Nazis)  has been speaking with a detective from the NYPD’s hate crimes division who is investigating the attack. Below is the 4-fingered yellow sign – symbol of the radical Islamofacist regime of the Muslim Brotherhood, and carried by Muslim demonstrators in Times Square.


“I feel like the officers who arrested him and the precinct that he was in, the supervisor, I think that they dropped the ball but,” Gunnoe says. But she adds the detective who is handling the case now, “he’s doing what should have been done last Saturday.”

Detective Ort of the NYPD said a new case has been opened. “We’re investigating it to determine whether it was a bias incident,” she says. (Of course it was Islamophobia – one Muslim against another Muslim)

“It involves interviewing people.” The investigation may be hampered by the fact that El Enin lives outside of New York state, in Washington D.C. 

VIDEO below shows Muslim savages in Times Square cheering for the Muslim Brotherhood. They are the ones who should have been arrested and investigated as domestic terrorists.