KENYA: Al-Shabaab’s ‘White Widow’ escaped Mall Massacre by smearing blood on her face like a victim


Samantha Lewthwaite, Irish-born terror chief dubbed the ‘White Widow’ slipped out of the Kenyan shopping mall after smearing blood over her face, say Kenyan security sources. They also revealed that the widow of London suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, rented a unit at the Westgate Shopping mall 3 months ago, in preparation for last week’s terror killing spree.

Independent (h/t Susan L)  She hung up newspapers around the shop unit to conceal what was going on inside, pretending to be stocking up on goods. Staff have told police in Nairobi they helped a woman fitting the description of Samantha Lewthwaite lift boxes into the shop unit. And witness accounts reveal a woman closely resembling the 29-year-old mother of three was seen being led away among panicked survivors, her face and upper clothes splashed with blood.


Interpol has issued a “red flag” international arrest warrant for Lewthwaite, based on intelligence that she led the attack and escaped.

Shocking stories about the brutalities inflicted by the terror gang are beginning to emerge. Children were among those deliberately killed and there are reports that an infant was decapitated and the head thrown at Kenyan soldiers during the four-day siege.

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It is now believed Lewthwaite was the leader of the 13 to 17 terrorists who carried out the attack, but slipped away while the others were cornered by Kenyan soldiers. The reports strongly contradict some of the impressions given last week that Lewthwaite was merely a book-keeper or finance raiser for the al-Qaeda-affiliated Somali group, Al Shabaab.

Kenyan police have been searching for Lewthwaite since it emerged she took up residence there in 2011 after spending three years living under false identities in South Africa. They believe she had already established links with the Somali terror group Al Shabaab and married one of its senior figures. Her second husband was shot dead in a police raid in Mombasa last October, according to sources.


The Kenyan police believe Lewthwaite, who was born in Banbridge, but was brought up in Buckinghamshire where she converted to Islam in her teens, was the prime mover behind the Westgate Shopping Mall attack, a key targetfor the Islamist terrorists because it is Israeli-owned.

The police named Lewthwaite as an Al-Shabaab member last June after arresting another British-born member of the group, Germaine Grant. They believe Grant was the terror group’s financier working under Lewthwaite. The police believe Lewthwaite was behind an attempt to spring Grant from prison in Mombasa where he is currently on trial for terrorist offences.

The escape route tunnel used by terrorists after shopping centre massacre.

UK Mirror (h/t Susan K)   The terrorists behind the Nairobi shopping centre massacre are feared to have escaped capture by fleeing like “sewer rats” through an undergroud tunnel.

Sunday Mirror reporter Russell Myers is pictured inside the tunnel
Sunday Mirror reporter Russell Myers is pictured inside the tunnel

Security services are probing claims the al-Shabaab militants behind the Westgate attack slipped into the mall’s sewage system and fled by travelling half a mile in knee deep sludge. Our exclusive pictures reveal the exact point where the darkened tunnel meets the Nairobi River.

It is here many of the terrorists are believed to have surfaced then slipped away…leaving a hard core group inside the mall to complete their slaughter. A source close to the investigation said: “They escaped like sewer rats. The terrorists would have been able to pass through the underground tunnels at a rapid pace and surface almost unnoticed.

The tunnel leads from the centre of Nairobi and into the car park of the Westgate shopping centre
The tunnel leads from the centre of Nairobi and into the car park of the Westgate shopping centre

“We are dealing with a highly organised outfit. The operation was planned with military precision, nothing had been discounted.” The darkened tunnel continues for more than two miles across Nairobi, leaving the gang behind the attack ample opportunity to flee the scene before Kenyan troops arrived.

Unbelievably, it is alleged that Kenyan investigators didn’t know of the escape route until at least 72 hours after the horror unfolded.