MINNESOTASTAN: CAIR furious that Muslim troublemakers were kicked out of Walid Shoebat speech

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR today called for a meeting with Assembly of God church officials in Perham after 2 Muslim exchange students were kicked out of an event for harassing ex-Muslim speaker Walid Shoebat about his alleged anti-Islam bigotry.

CAIR-MN is also offering to provide the Assembly of God church leaders with accurate and balanced information (Muslim lies and propaganda) about Islam and Muslims and to arrange for a presentation on the faith to church members. Hopefully the church told the CAIR jihadists where to go.


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  1. Muslims in Perham? Perham is in the middle of Nowhere! It’s a teeny little town known for it’s exhibit of fish decoys! WTH is CAIR doing there?

  2. Do you remember the Scotland attacks of 2007 at the airport in Glasgow?
    They were a Dr. and another individual studying to be an engineer. In all 8 persons came to be charged having some part in the effort.
    They are as follows:
    Dr. Bilal Abdullah, arrested at the airport
    Kafeel Ahmed, studying for a PHD. in engineering, died from injuries sustained in attack
    Dr. Mohammed Asha, found not guilty though subject to deportation
    Dr. Asha’s wife, released without charge
    Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, brother of Kafeel Ahmed
    Dr. Mohamed Haneef, charges subsequently dropped. Second cousin to the Ahmeds
    2 other unnammed individuals, rleased without charge.

    Not withstanding the release of the other individuals, the two attackers were not “Street urchins,” or hard bitten persons with etensive criminal history and an ax to grind over mistreatment. Importantly, the light continued to shine on professionals with a close association to these two attackers. All appearing to be highly educated. Similarly, they were not street vendors.
    You cannot know where these attacks are going to originate from. Samantha Lewthwaite has not even turned 30 and was born in Ireland, yet thought to be the ringleader of the Kenya Mall attack.

    I watched the alledged expose of Anderson Cooper regarding Walid. The lack of awareness of these people is astounding. Christians may take exception to the sodomite Cooper has openly revealed himself to be, and seek his repentence. Islam will offer no apology. They will either hang him or take his head once achieving power to do so.

    At one time, no one in America ever would have agreed there would be such a thing as “Gay marriage.”

    Now with equal assurance they say Islam will never control the American scene and mindset.

    When incidents such as Glasgow and the Kenyan attacks begin to play out here, Cooper and the others may not be so self assured.

  3. If you get a chance to see Walid Shoebat in person do so. I saw him a few years ago at a Calvary Chapel. He really knows his stuff- due to security his speech wasn’t announced until the morning of his appearance.

  4. Go Shoebat and continue fighting fire with fire.
    I viewed the video and if those two boys were the ones asked to leave then it was the right thing to do, because they look to immature to know anything about bigotry no matter what label you put on it. My experience tells me that they are cowards and why they thought a church would listen to two rude kids is be on me.

  5. These rag heads are always outraged about something. Why don’t they take their religion? and their backwardness home wherever that is.

  6. I could only bear so much. I stopped watching it at 1:18. This excretable news segment is so biased as to be propagandistic. It is sheer propaganda! I literally felt like jumping thru my laptop screen in order to choke the life out of this pencil-necked shill of a reporter, Kevin Wallevand! He obviously isn’t very familiar with CNN’s weak, subjectively biased “expose” of Walid Shoebat, so he rants on about it as if it were some event of major importance and CNN a font of journalistic integrity. What a subjective moron he, and far too many other journalists are. Left wing filth like him need to be dropped into a Taliban encampment so they can see the evil they enable before those “poor, misunderstood” muslims they’re so oft to defend, slash their throats open, let them gurgle in their own life blood for a few moments before sawing thru their neck vertebrae.

    Now, let us all hope the Assembly of God folks “…don’t go wobbly” and take up CAIR’s challenge unless they plan to use the encounter to hammer the hell out of that cursed, muslim extremist front group known as CAIR. I would sure like to hear from the church members who attended Mr. Shoebat’s presentation, to hear their take on the muslim student’s interruption of Mr. Shoebat.

  7. Referencing CNN is not a high recommendation and most people know it.

    However, thank you CAIR for promoting Walid Shoebat. Let’s hope more people take an interest in what he has to say.

  8. Dear BNI:

    If someone goes to see a lecture, speaker or play… they have a ticket or are allowed into the auditorium in order to see and hear what is presented. If there is a “Q & A” segment after the speech or after a play the cast/crew takes “comments” from the audience… well, you know what that means?

    It means you act like a civilized person and don’t try to prevent a presentation from taking place. Yet, once again… muzslime think they are the only persons allowed civil rights. Shoebat can say what he wants. Also, unless the local mosque these boys are from allows evangelizing by the Assembly of God Church member Christians to enter the mosque then why should this church do anything to please muzlims?

    Also, notice how the news reporter does nothing but slam Shoebat? Making references that he is a fraud, and innuendo anything about Shoebat in a negative light. Hey dipshits- CNN may call him a fraud, but countless other institutions and news sites report that Shoebat’s background and credentials are who he says he is… someone who can speak the truth about islam from personal experience.

    Though in this brief news report “update” there were numerous slams against Shoebat… notice HOW NOT ONCE was anything questionable about CAIR stated? Even though CAIR has that co-conspirator status in the terror trial as well as countless other actions which exposes CAIR for the sleazy organization that it is.

  9. An ex-Moslem is a ‘bigot’ because he learned that Islam is bigoted.

    Moslems want to have a HECKLER’S VETO against any speech (criticism) they don’t like…but no other group may heckle Islam or they will be KILLED.

    How….unequal. How…supremacist.

    CAIR is based on the Arabic word ‘KHAIR’…a substitute word for ISLAM.

    The name CAIR is based on ‘let him speak ‘khair’ (good things about Islam) or remain silent.’
    -Sahih Bukhari 8:73

    In other words, CAIR’s purpose is to impose Islamic censorship over Americans and REMOVE their freedom of speech.

    The purpose of CAIR is to OVERTHROW THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and impose Sharia by stealth while pretending to be friendly.

  10. This is as good a place as any to put this.

    Iceland to Get its First Mosque

    ‘The Reykjavík City Council has approved a building permit for the construction of the first mosque in Iceland.

    The mosque will be built in Sogamýri, an upscale district near downtown Reykjavík on a highly desirable plot of land that was granted to Muslims free of charge, courtesy of Icelandic taxpayers.’


    Great logo, BNI, totally apropos for the religion of death.

  11. Way to go Walid!

    CAIR & these 2 students…..what colossal stinking gonads!!!

    Can ANYONE imagine a Christian or a Jew going into a mosgue in America or, ANYWHERE in the world “Demanding” equal time for the reading of the bible and hearing about Jesus, the Messiah of the World?
    If every Christian had what Walid has percolating inside of him, there would be “ZERO” islamic organizations in America!
    He is absolutely correct in stating that islam IS the anti-Christ.

  12. I know what is said about debating Muslims being like playing chess with a pigeon, but I’d still love to see Mr. Shoebat go at it with one of these “fair-minded” Muslim faithful, if for nothing more than the chuckles.

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