SHOCKING! UK Woman found ‘NOT GUILTY of RACIAL HARASSMENT’ for telling a rude Muslim on a Tube Train what most people think but are afraid to say


Shocking because courts in the UK rarely rule on the side of their own citizens when it comes to ‘incidents’ involving Muslims. After hearing a snide remark about England by a Muslim immigrant, she began her tirade against him with ‘f*** off to your own country.’

article-2433100-184A469500000578-540_306x486UK Daily Mail  (h/t logdon) Accountant Claire Moloney let out a gasp of relief was heard when she was pronounced not guilty, and her husband put his arms around her and gave her a hug. One family member was heard to say, ‘About time.’ (Indeed!) Mrs Moloney said during her trial that she was embarrassed to watch film footage in which she screamed at an unidentified man, and which was later uploaded to YouTube, and shown to the court at her trial. The jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court also decided she did not intend her words to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

The mother-of-two denied she was racist, saying she was upset at being told she had ‘blood on my hands’ and being criticised because she had been drinking alcohol. 

article-2433100-184A488100000578-512_306x486‘I’m not a racist in any shape or form,’ she told the court in her evidence. ‘I was half asleep and he said something to do with my poppy and I wondered if it was about me. ‘He said something about blood on my hands for invading his country. I know what he said was derogatory and against women in general and he definitely used the word “Slag” because I was out drinking.’ In the video, Moloney told the commuter, an Asian-looking man: ‘I f****** respect people in their countries, f*** you c***.’ She stood up in her seat, saying: ‘You come in this country, you wanna have f*****g everything on a plate. F*** off back to your own country if your country is so good.’

Moloney, who works in Central London, was travelling to her home in Dagenham, Essex, on a District Line train after going for drinks with colleagues, the court heard. When the alleged victim told her that she was being racist, she replied: ‘You c**** wanna take over our country, you racist c***, you wanna take over the world.’

The man remonstrated but was taken aback when Moloney got out of her seat to hurl more abuse. By the end of the video, the victim had given up arguing and told her, ‘OK, I’ll go back to my country.’

Most of her tirade in video below is Bleeped Out: