NORWAY: Pig’s head found outside mosque in Oslo. Poor l’il piggy!

pig7865-viIt was around 4AM Friday night that a passersby found the pig’s head outside Central Jamaat-E Ahl-E Sunnat mosque in Oslo. When TV 2 arrived, they saw the pig’s head lying in a trashcan at the mosque, but traces of blood were evident on the stairs.

TV2 (Google translation)  A technician from the police has been at the mosque to do surveys. Also, the Secretary General of the Islamic Council of Norway, Mehtab Afsar, told TV2 that what has happened is sad.


Somali-Norwegian Mohamed Hassan came to the mosque and saw pig head lying on the stairs at around 4:00 Friday night. He says that other people who were in the area reacted strongly. “Many people were very angry and went away. I am also angry. I could never do something like that to others where they pray. They insult others religion,” he said.

Saturday morning meetings TV2 several other neighbors who also has a connection to the mosque. Pig head is the talk and nobody understands why someone chooses to provoke in this way. “This is our sacred place, this is where we worship and then someone chooses to place parts of a pig, which in Islam is unclean, on the stairs. I’m not sure why,” says Mohamed Abdi Said. (I’ll give you 3 guesses)

He is supported by Bashir Dahir Bihi, as he had a dumbfounded look at the trail of blood outside the main entrance to the mosque he is stuck in. “I do not have a good feeling this does not bode well,” says Bihi to TV 2.


Saturday morning the police were on site to remove the pig head. “We have sourced pig head and handed it to the vet. We do not do anything more with this until such time as a review, but no one has signed up as the victim,” (????) said operations manager John Krokan the Oslo police to TV2 prior review of the mosque was submitted to the police.

ALSO, early Friday morning, a mosque in Fredrikstad was smeared with a huge sausage poster stolen from Statoil, with the inscription “always a wiener for a Muslim.”

“This is the roughest we’ve experienced this year,” said a spokesman for the city’s Islamic Association, Mohammed Hamzaoui, Fredrikstad Blad.