AUSTRALIA: Anti-Muslim graffiti is NOT ‘race’ hate, unless you can prove Islam is a race

images-1Ignorant officials and the left-wing compliant media love to call it ‘race’ hate and claim it has taken a turn for the worse in Ryde, with anti-Muslim messages defacing a series of properties linked to tenants of ethnic origin. 

Daily Telegraph  The walls, fences and streets of Ryde and Putney have been sprayed with anti-Muslim slogans,  while even the laundry of one house owned by Liem Nguyen was daubed with anti-Asian sentiments. Mr Liem owns two of the three properties in Charles St, Ryde, which were tagged with racist and religious statements.


A nearby bus stop on Victoria Rd, opposite St Charles Church, was also hit with anti-Muslim statements as was the footpath in Charles St, opposite the church. This vandalism adds to a long list of shocking racially-fuelled attacks in the northern district, including two verbal and physical assaults still under investigation by Gladesville Police

The slogans “Ban Islam” and “Muslims Out’ were plastered on the wall of Mr Liem’s property. Mr Liem also received a number of prank calls and a voicemail from a man chanting in what sounded like ‘religious’ tongues. (Hmmm, could be another ‘insider’ job, where Muslims do the  vandalism themselves, so they can play their favorite role: V-I-C-T-I-M!)