CHINA: 22 tons of pig meat sold as halal to Muslims

555-viIn Shaanxi Province, Chinese police have discovered 22 tons of pork that was sold as certified halal (Islam-approved) beef. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork. This case, once again, demonstrates the lack of seriousness of the halal industry in Asia. Hee Hee!

Islametinfo –Google translation(h/t Susan K)  The meat in question was sold in the city of Xi’an, a large town in the province of Shaanxi, as halal beef.


The authorities already reported that 2 tons of the pork products were sold on the market marked as halal unbeknownst to the Muslim population. Camouflage methods used by criminals are known by specialists: paraffin wax and industrial salts.

The conclusion remains the same from Paris to Beijing: the halal market does not reassure consumers. (And you can be sure, nobody in China cares.)


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    • Love this,how are.Muslims going to clean.themselves after being tainted by beautiful pork,hahaha,gonna have to do themselves in,to get clean,never pure again,lol keep feeding them pork until they get beheaded for it yesyesyes.haha haha.

  1. All the muzzies that have consumed these pork products have committed an offense against islam and should report to saudi arabia immediately for beheading.

  2. Keep it up , I have never laughed this hard in a while. BRAVO and i bet the ones who blew them selves up are pissed now they wont get there 72 goats because they ate pork LMAO , ROFL

  3. I’ve certainly got some laughs, mind boggling comments here on this site, I found your site, barenakedislam by accident when I clicked on the pic of mama and baby pigs, to read all the comments on muslims, islam, etc. The person is right who quoted the scripture that ‘all foods are to be eaten, paraphrased me, also, dinghead, the King James bible is a VERSION of the HEBREW Bible, it was authorized for the english, it was the way the people talked. There’s nothing wrong with other versions, as they are very helpful for anyone to readily understand what God wants us to know about the Creator, about the saving grace of Jesus’s death, burial, resurrection, only believe and faith in who Jesus is and why God sent Him, will lead you to God and to eternity. Jameer Khan, how did you feel after your clitoris was ripped frrom your little girl body? How does it feel to be under the thumb of all muslim men, did you, too get married off to an older male pedophile? Karen777 like your comments. Islam is a manmade religion (cult) just like Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons and the like, anything taught than the Bible or Jesus, is religion. Jesus said ‘I Am the Way, the Truth, the Way, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME, end of story. Muhammad was a false prophet, allah-a dead god, satan is laughing his headoff of all people who follow a false god. He hates God, because he wanted to be like God and be worshipped. Got him kicked out of heaven mighty quick with a third of the other stupid angels. Jesus will be calling His Church home very soon, the Book of Revelations, written by the disciple John, tells of the horrors that will come upon the people of earth for their unbelief and evil. Please, believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, do not get left behind, there will be people who will turn to Jesus and persecution will be worse then than it is now.

      • Amen,to that,very well written,praise be to our lord,who not long now as we.can all see the determination of society’s across the globe.,wanting this muslim invasion of crime in everywhere they go,are murders.rapes.and.pediphiles,it must stop soon ,Christ will abolish false.prophet,and all his followers to hell.

    • You dont know enough about other relgions to be commenting on them, so stop. I dont know about Mormons, so I wont comment on them, but I went to college with a number of Jehovah Witnesses and they very much believe in Jesus as their savior. They also happen to be Christian. Finally, cults avoid the public and want to be left alone so they can do whatever the hell they want, most of the time it is illegal I am sure. Jim Jones and the members in his cult fled to South America to be left alone. David Koresh and his cult wanted to be left alone, the same goes for Warren Jeffs and the FLDS. The list goes on and on and on – Cults want to be left alone. What are the Jehovah Witnesses best known for? Knocking on our doors at the worst possible time and all the time – they are the exact opposite of a cult because they are quite literally out in the open and welcome anyone to look into them.

      • M.A.Fifer…Just FYI…Jehovah’s Witness do NOT believe in the deity of Christ. They believe he was a prophet and the best ‘man’ that ever lived, but not the Son of God. Anything that takes ‘part’ of the bible and rejects the rest will be considered by God as ‘false teachers’ and leading the sheep astray, which has consequences. Both Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness do ‘serve the needy in the community’ but so do more mainstream Christian churches and the more modern Bible based Christian churches.

    • Lmao !!! You certainly are a twisted individual. I suppose you believe in talking snakes too ? The bible did not start to get written until approximately 50yrs after “Jesus” had died. Not one of the persons involved in writing of the bible or any other of the many many associated books ever had any contact with “Jesus” himself. So the entire Christian religion is based on Chinese whispers, hearsay and made up rubbish. This makes everything you have said seem pathetic at the best. Religion is nasty full stop. You can believe that the holy trinity exists (father,son,Holy Spirit) but why attempt to pass on your mistruths to others ? Rather hypocritical of you.

      • Only the Gospels and the Acts were written after Jesus. The Old Testament has been around for much longer.

      • Tim, you are so wrong . All the books of the old testament were written years before Jesus was born. Several even foretold of his coming. All the books of the new testament were written by people who actually had lots of contact with Jesus. The first 5 were written by his disciples. PLEASE don’t post when you have no idea what you are writing about. Nobody wants to share your ignorance.

      • Tim, you are so wrong . All the books of the old testament were written years before Jesus was born. Several even foretold of his coming. All the books of the new testament were written by people who actually had lots of contact with Jesus. The first 5 were written by his disciples. PLEASE don’t post when you have no idea what you are writing about. Nobody wants to share your ignorance.

  4. We all know the problem and we are all watching the suicide of Europe and we have seen Free Speech demonized and criminalized when anyone dares to speak a word of criticism against the invading force from Hell and we have seen all the bleeding hearts opening their doors to take in more of the poor and oppressed of the invading armies of young fighting-age males (where are the women and children?) crossing borders and then we have seen the same bleeding hearts scramble to find ways to “Secure” their borders again when they awaken to what they have done to themselves … We hear about the ideology in question becoming the largest of all ideologies and growing uncontrollably across the world at an exponential rate …. We hear predictions that America’s demographic will be totally changed to an Islamic one by the year 2030 (If not sooner) …. Everybody knows these things but it seems they are powerless to do anything to stop this plague. Is there an answer that works prtagmatically and politically? — I am not trying to be a smart a** here and I am not trying to troll but this thing scares the living daylights out of me for my own sake and the sake of my loved ones and I want to know if this conquest going on against civilization now is unstoppable and inevitable or is there a viable way out and are there any responsible people looking at that way out?

    • yes you are correct the political system of the world should change it should not be for the sake of their advantage. First they encouraged Arabs for oil and played with Afghanistan to disintegrate USSR. Now they have brought the problem to the whole world in the shape of ISLAM( Fanatics) .

    • They’re essentially showing us the door. If you are allowed to leave then do it. God has had enough of America which is why it is not even mentioned in the Bible

      • Seriously John April 30, 2016 who said “God has had enough of America which is why it is not even mentioned in the Bible”. Are you serious??? The bible was written by MEN. The first part of the bible is Hebrew; the New Testament is Christian. As a Catholic, I believe in both versions of the bible. But I also KNOW that 4000 to 2000 years ago, there was absolutely NO knowledge by men of the North American Continent, so please tell me just exactly HOW America could be mentioned in the bible???? God has not had enough of America. There are still plenty of good people of all faiths here in America. You certainly did not study history in school, did you? We now have another Hitler upon our doorsteps, and that is RADICAL Islamist Terrorism. I have friends, many around the world, who happen to be Muslim, as well as Christian, Jewish, Buddist. Besides not studying history, my guess is you live in a small world, and have not traveled outside the US, and so you have NO KNOWLEDGE of ancient history. Well I do, and I travel everywhere in the world. It’s more dangerous today than in past times, but it is RADICALIZATION which is causing the problem. Stop saying God has had enough of America. It’s an ignorant statement. There is a solution to our problems – we need to step away from Socialism/Communism of Obama and Clinton, and embrace Donald Trump as our President. He will see to it that this ISIS and other terrorist groups are eliminated, not just contained. Time to wake up America, before it’s too late – Donald J. Trump for President 2016!

    • I feel excatly like you do. If you haven’t already can I ask you to read “THE COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN”(GENOCIDE OF THE WHITE EUROPEAN PEOPLE) A chilling and FRIGHTENING read, you will understand what is happening now and’s imperative that everyone reads this.

    • Lines by Liming I have sent you a reply about 4 th post down from your post. Have not used this site before .

  5. Well, When you have a country like America that allows a gay Muslim in the White House, It’s no wonder this country is going to the birds. And as far as that crap from China, These companies move from America to China so they can capitalize on slave labor, anyone that moves a company out of America should not be allowed to sell it’s crap here and watch how fast they move the company back. so many things are easy to fix, the problem is everyone democrat or republican are all in it for the filling of thy pockets instead of the well being of the people. This will only be fixed by another civil war, freedom never did come free…

    • cj, When you said “anyone that moves a company out of America should not be allowed to sell it’s crap here and watch how fast they move the company back.”

      Amen, to that !

      If the Republicans hadn’t given Communist China the “Most Favored Nation” status this would have been impossible.
      Those greedy corporations care more about selling cell phones to Communist China than if an American has a job they can support a family on.

      How did all this happen since the 1950’s.
      Back then you could earn a living wage, if you were a man.
      Still, it was a safer, cleaner, friendlier America.
      We didn’t help the Communists back then.

      How far we have fallen.
      They don’t even care that Christian churches have, again, been torn down by the Communist Chinese.
      They did that when they found out the registered Christians were larger in number than the Communist party.

      Why do we do any business with them?
      Cut ’em off.
      At least when they take over the world, in less than 20 years, we can say we didn’t help them.

      Just saying.

      • It’s the same here in the UK, Rosie. The only difference is that we call republicans Conservatives or Tories. In the 1950s the working man was earning a living wage and because he was doing better for himself he thought he should be a capitalist and vote conservative. Little did they realise that Conservatives were building their fat empires on the back of the working man and gradually eroding the privileges that they had earned in their relentless and greedy pursuit of personal wealth.

    • haha….Im laughing my ass off….”allows a gay muslim in white house”….sooooo…what is the problem of being gay? and what is wrong with being a muslim? I actually think it is a really great thing to represent all kind of people in the white house…christianity has done more harm to people in this world than muslims so far…I think YOU are the “wrong” in all….. //the atheist swede

        • I am an atheist and I have to say this guy has a bad thought. When people are not self determining themselves they use someone else to claim emancipation which is wrong for Sweden to rely on muslims for future.

      • No problem with being gay, why must people always be stupidly homophobe but I do have a problem with “being muslim” though, praying to a pedophile Prophet and veiling your 4 10yr-old-wives is disgusting and I do not want that kind of perverted and depraved stoneage-behaviour in 2016 in my country or the world!!!

        • Well said, you have expressed the sentiments of many people, unfortunately they are the quiet ones at the moment.

      • Peter it is not so much that he is a gay muslim it is that he lied about it and tried to hide it.
        why did he just not tell the people that straight out. he claims to be a straight Christian family man and he is not.

    • Isn’t China where Mitt Romney’s Group sold most of the Businesses he stripped of Assets in America ~~ I’m so pleased that Right Wing Fascist was never elected as President ~~ Traitors should never be allowed to stand for Public Office ~ So why did the Republican Party nominate that TRAITOR for the Presidential race ~~ He’s not even part of the Human race.. !!

    • Who is selling Iphones to whom, now?
      Dude, it is China flooding America and the rest of the world with cheap electronic devices, not America. The latter had it’s peak…now is time fpr it to decline.
      As for the subkect in question- selling pork for hallall beef to fellow chinese, is not the worst to happen.

  6. Islam as a religion is being attacked, while the religion itself not the damn problem. The koran speaks of freedom of religion, non-Killing, hygienic rules. Even Jezus is mentioned and that the Christians can be seen as a the best thing next To a friend. If You havent Read It, dont speak of It. Only fools without Knowledge of cars, put there screwdrivers under the hood. Mostly making things worse or admitting they were wrong To Open It in the First place.

    Please dont take It out on religion… I think You are To smart To Go that way.

    The True problem is How some misread the Koran and even teach It in a bad way To there followers. Yes I am pointing To extremist. Also we dont like To See People practice religion in front of us. When someone is carrying a bibble on the Streets, shouting about the end of the World, crosses tattood everywere… We think of him as a madman To.

    This article is about corruption in non-Islamic States. It proves only One thing… We give them shit and make them Pay for It. We ressemble our goverments.

    Point Your sticks toward extremists ,why are People like Me sitting on their asses, typing text full of worthless Shit about the problems? Ac

      • exactly, its those that would claim the moderate hat who are not following the teachings correctly. There is nothing peaceful or tolerant within demonically inspired Koran. These people are following a child molesting, goat humping gay scumbag. And they are instructed to imitate the life of Muhammed, a seriously mentally ill dirtbag who truly should have been sent to hell much sooner than history provided.

      • So let Me get This straight, It’s the exact teachings of quran that are the problem. And NOT the interpretation…so You Guy’s know more then me… It’s possible i’m missing out on some information. Can You give me An example that comes from the quran. Just To make It All somewhat really convincing To me. I want more then some words comming from Peoples fears. You get that dont You? Only some 800 years ago People thought the World was flat and progress was held Down on those words. But If you could back up Your words with proof, this should Go a long xay in convincing me.

        • No, I won’t waste my time because you know better than I do about the hundreds of passages calling for violence against unbelievers/women/gays, etc. Unless you are talking about some of the original peaceful passages that have since been abrogated and replaced with the violent, hateful ones…the ones you live by today. And we know what you mean when you say “Islam does not allow killing and torture of innocents.” Only Muslims are considered “innocents,” everyone else is fair game.

          You have come to the wrong place if you think you can sell ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ here. Get lost.

      • OW and sorry about spelling. My Microsoft Phone is crap To type with. It takes ages To get things done on that bad touchscreen. My social profit system in Belgium is crashing. Work is At An alltime low… SO It Will take Time before i get a New One. Blame the muslims? Or politics :p?

      • O.K. for the sake and for the information of those ignoramuses who still claim that it is wrong to bring up the facts that “The Religion of Peace” is anything but peaceful and for those apologists who are always berating other people for trying to point out the dangers posed by Islam to the rest of the world, and for those really ridiculpous imbeciles who ask other people to “Read The Quran” before criticizing anything it has to say … the following is probably something that ought to be required reading for anybody who doesn’t want to get caught with their heads up their rear ends —-

    • Either you have never studied Islam and are completely ignorant of its teachings or you are a native Muslim practicing your doctrine of Taqiyya (judging from the many spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in your post I’m inclined to go with the latter). Islam itself is the problem. The most loyal followers of this disgustingly vile world system (it can’t be called a civilization) are the ones who are committing the most heinous atrocities against those who don’t follow the teachings of the Koran, the Hadith, Sharia Law, and other sources of Islamic dogma.

    • Tompie, if you want to be enlightened about the koran, hear what the boss of all Muslims has to say. Mr Qaradawi’s teachings can be found on You Tube. He is based in Qatar but travels the world teaching the contents of the koran. This includes enthusiasm for lashing girls and women who might have the nerve to take charge of their own bodies.
      You can’t get away from what poor little 6yr old Aisha suffered when her father was ordered to give her to the prophet and your ‘holy’ book tells you to follow the ways of the prophet a perfect man.

    • Islam is NOT a religion. here is a quick lesson- their Moon God-Consider what the pagan Arabians did to worship their moon god,
      Allah; they prayed while bowing towards K’abah, the “house of Allah” in Mecca that houses a meteorite – a stone from space – several times a day, visited it once a year, and walked around it several times during their visit.

      Kabah HajjTo worship their Allah today:

      • Muslims pray bowing towards the K’abah in Mecca five times a day.

      • About two million Muslims visit Mecca every year and walk around the K’abah (the black cube, which is 40 feet tall, on the right).

      • The Muslim “holy” month of Ramadan starts at the sighting of a new crescent moon.

      • Perched atop churches across the world is the cross, the symbol of the sacrifice made by our God. Perched atop mosques across the world is the crescent moon (above), the symbol of Allah whom Muhammad chose as the god of Islam.

      When confronted with the details above, Muslim typically re-assert that “Allah” still means “al” + “ilah” – i.e., “the” + “god” – and is same as the God of the Bible, not the moon god of pagan Mecca. They even point out that Arabic Christian Bibles uses “Allah” to refer to God.

      The “Allah” in the current Arabic Christian Bibles is literally “the God” and does refer to the God of the Bible. Advise Muslims that if this is really the “Allah” they are worshipping, then they should stop bowing down toward a meteorite five times a day and the crescent moon should neither start their “holy” month of Ramadan nor top their mosques. If the Allah they are worshipping is the God of the Bible, then they should worship Him as the Bible instructs.

    • seriously do you believe the crap you say??? there is 2 questions… how many people did jesus and buddha killed.??? how many mahoshite killed?? mahoshit killed over 1000 people of his own hands, and ordered managed so many slaughter and pillage that his bloody path is still visible from all the countries he has invaded and the villages, cultures civilisation he has destroyed while alive…
      so yes this is a problem, islam is a problem, mahoshit is a guru, and islam is a sect not a religion. get some comon sence and education, look at this guru life and you wont believe the crap you just said cause this guy was a living terrorist.
      and sorry for the broken english i’m french and disgusted about my country and i pee on europe like i always did, this shit killed us!

    • Show me where in the Quran that it preaches tolerance of other beliefs or allowing other religions, not murdering innocents, raping, lying & assaulting etc,etc,etc. I have read quite a lot of the quran & have yet to come across ANY passage that preaches tolerance of ANY KIND. What I have read can only be described as a manual of utter destruction.

  7. Was it poisoned? The “halal” meat, I mean. Was it poisoned? Did it have poison in it?? Just wondering if the meat was poisoned much.

    • What I would like to see is a book specifying the methods exactly for packaging pork to pass for beef. This with a view to making sure Infidels all get a copy to do it and get muslims to pay for it. Additives could be put into it to cause them to shite themselves in paroxyms of islamic joy later. Should also have red dye to stain their clothes so that they cannot pass themselves off as anything but moslems. It could be put online to spread the joy.
      Also in europe may I suggest infidels broadcast the moslem call for headbanging at 230AM in the morning at high volume while driving thru their towns. This should put everybody in town in the proper frame of mind to deal with moslem invaders in the daytime.

  8. Hi jasmine
    I was aware of most of the things posted here. but was not aware about the reason behind the wall of china. thanks for the info

      • Poor pigs blood all over the mosque,roof,lawn ANYWHERE it will soak in and see how they react to that,put pigs blood in a fire extinguisher and spray the protestors with it or a commercial sprayer,that will settle them down

  9. Islam, the religion or governmental ideology that everything other then Sharia law is a sin and that all others are to be converted or killed. The only difference between different Muslims i see anymore is who holds you while the other murders you.

  10. Want to know the FACTS about Islam and Mohammed? Tune in The JJ McCartney Show LIVE at 3:05PM Eastern time, 1900 Zulu time, as our guest will be I.Q> Al Rassooli, author of “Lifting the Veil”, and the most credible scholar of Islam, and his conclusions about Islam are based on irrefutable fact. The show airs at

  11. Hi Jasmine , I believe you have gone crazy .
    First of all , MUMBAI attack was proven to be an iside work , everyone knows it , there are proofs for that if you read it .
    The video , you are showing is totally biased against islam , to make it look bad , tell me if Muslims killed so many hindus , how come ,INDIA is of HINDUS still , with largest population as well .
    There are people good and bad everywhere , you can’t say everyone is bad .
    What about the burma, they are killing muslims like insects in the worst form ever all the time , although , I was told buddhist are nice people who are very much tolerable , I can see how Burma people are are tolerating the massacre and still it makes no difference to them.
    Also , why Chinese people all around the world go well with Muslims but always have issues with Hindus .
    What about the extremist Hindus , who always massacre Muslims .
    IF you want stories, I can give you horrific true stories present and past of how Hindus have been killing Muslims for ages .
    Also , if you remember what narendar modi did in gujrat and killed 1000s of Muslims.
    Leave everything . Do you guys reading this Anti Muslim site know how many Muslims have been Killed in KAshmir for the last 60 years by HINDU MILITARY.
    IT’s a Muslim land forcefully occupied by INIDAN MILITARY. Just to let you know this was a plan by the Britishers to create chaos in the region so there is always enmity, else MUSLIMS and HINDUS could have grown and ruled region from SUBCONTINENT and this is a fact , but if you realise the number of Kashmiri Muslims killed and their horror stories , you will cry if you have a heart.
    They normally drill the legs , kill kids ,cut the uterus out of pregnant women and rape them as well. IF I am lying, just search on it , also , there Bollywood Movies ,that shows some of it as well.

    I am not saying Muslims are the best people in the world as there is good and bad everywhere , but I can guarantee it’s the best religion in the world.

    What I say is all religion do have good things and people should do good and when you good things and understand things then compare religions, don’t say Hinduism is best or Buddhism is bad or Christianity or Jewish, research and you will find the religion that is better and teaches you how to be good .
    Also Religion is a code of life only , it’s up to you whether you follow it or not , but don’t say this is bad or the other is good without any understanding .
    HINDUS used to kill there widows is that a good religion , the modern hindus are not doing that , so does this mean they are not following the religion and yet being good as well . Islamic law doesn’t have anything that is bad , people who follow it are good and who don’t follow are so called Muslims only.
    Talibans or ISIS people who kill innocents are not Muslims , they are doing this to fulfill dunno what, but that’s no where in ISLAM .

    Also, kindly guys read about MUHAMMAD BIN QASIM , the guy in the youtube video who conquered SINDH . Also read how he died.
    He was killed by HINDU RULER, by conspiracy and someone who conquered the whole region is a ruler , but as a MUSLIM he didn’t create chaos in the land and came to save the people who were dying of a tyrant ruler.

    Also, Hindus have class system and there lower class is treated as garbage not with MUSLIMS at least , so how come HINDUISM is best.

    • I just have one question with regards to your post. If the Muslim religion is the best in the world, how is it that so many followers site the Quran when committing horrific crimes against humanity?

      Radical Islamist use what you call “the best religion in the world” to justify taking young girls as sex slaves, burning men alive, and chopping off the heads of people, just to name a few atrocities. Molestation of young boys and girls is acceptable in your religion and was practiced by the Prophet Muhammad.

      I find nothing great about any of it. Could you please explain what is great about it?

      • The only thing that could be better is to see the Terrorist Muslim religion completely wiped from the face of the eart.

    • If Islam is such a wonderful so called religion, then why are non-believers given a choice , convert or die? And if its such a great religion, then why is the penalty for apostasy death? Oh yeah great religion!

    • Hasnain, what the hell are you smoking and what news papers do you read or channels you watch? I tried my best to read till the end of your post however gave up as I am not use to of reading utter shit.

      So just 2 points:
      1. who the hell told you that the Mumbai attacks were insiders job and where was it proved? have you not seen the sting of Kasab’s village, done by Pakistani News channels? Wow man!

      2. You say “if Muslims killed so many Hindus , how come ,INDIA is of HINDUS still , with largest population as well ” You need to dig deeper, and understand that Hindu’s cannot be killed in a Hindu nation! What she meant was, Muslims, sorry, rather the radical and extremists Muslims are doing such killing all across the Muslim dominated countries and in the rest of the world, they are running conversion drives!

      So, if you from India, and yet you have such belief, then shame on you as you belong to the community, who gets radicalized easily and have no brains of your own and who bring shame to the ISLAM!

      I am sure you must be the one who was against the death punishment of Yakub Memon, isn’t it?

      Peace be up on you!

    • Hasnain, you must be crazy if u say MUMBAI attack was inside work… The terrorists were all pakistani muslims, there can be no doubt abt that. If u cant believe this, it is like saying i dont believe the earth is round. About gujarat riots, i agree it was horrible, and i condemn it as much as you do.

    • I CAN SAY ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD,any and all muslims who support and worship the quran are BAD,the quran calls for the killing of ANYONE who does not respect or convert to islam,ALL MUSLIMS worship the quran and what it says,there are NO MODERATE MUSLIMS,ALL MUSLIMS should be deported,they will not follow our laws,if hired they will not sell pork products,they want to wear traditional garb,they will not sell alcohol or tobacco,they want to pray 5 times a day on the company clock and wash their feet in the restroom sink,muslim men will not work for a woman manager and if they don’t get what they want they will involve CAIR who will then sue the company,muslims bring NOTHING POSITIVE TO AMERICA,womens genitals are mutilated,women are raped and stoned to death,9 year old little girls are married to mature men because they are VIRGINS,small boys are raped if there are no women around

    • Muzzrat leave this not your site. You all go to same mosque listen to the same imans read the same Koran, if you can read, so if you are not demonstrating against the atrosities you are supporting it.

    • Hasnain is caught in a perilous situation. He has been told to believe that jews and Americans are all evil and deserve what they get. He has been led to believe this is all in revenge for some slight or thing going back years (thus, always resorting in who did what before when). The libs do the same: The evil US deserves it.

      The rub is when a normal person points out that attacks, assaults, mass killings, threats, invasions are not in the West.
      At that point, he finds it necessary to storybook a defense of the indefensible.

    • You just raised the bar, for outright bullshit, to a new level. You sound like a card-carrying member of the NSDAP; pooh, poohing Nazi atrocities as “unfortunate, but unavoidable, in the context of a war and, anyway, the bastards ASKED for it.”

    • a few things you got wrong firstly islam is not a religion it is a cult …. you say all religions have bad points … wrong! just islam itself … hindus have a class system yes, so does islam … women are second class and not worth a damn in sharia law… and you say if you dont like the religion you dont have to follow … wrong again … what is the punishment for wanting to leave your cult … oh yes DEATH!
      and by the way christians hate islam, jews hate islam,shito’s, hindus and seeks hate islam, buddhist love everyone but i bet even they hate islam …. do you see a pattern forming …. only your holy book calls for the death of everyone that is not a muslim… sad misguided fools p.s. PORK RULES!

    • Hasrat,

      You have just proven to everyone here just how obnoxious and ignorant ALL muslims are.

      You are completely brainwashed, indoctrinated with pure evil and hatred from birth, you are not human you are like Tolkin’s Orcs’.

      Your sub-human false prophet moo-ham-head (a curse be upon him), declared war on all non-muslims and died cursing Christians and Jews.

      So for 1400 years you savage inbred muslims have plundered, enslaved, raped and murdered in the name of a false prophet and a stone idol.

      You declared this war murdering hundreds of millions and you will continue to do so for eternity unless you are stopped.

      The best thing for the world and for all decent human beings would be to see every last one of you cockroaches wiped out.

    • What was muslim doing in Burma? Clapping does not happen with 1 hand..Hasnain! Hindus are only people who taught you lesson but tell me why only 1 country is with Hindu population now? People like you who talk about peace, I ask you 1 thing, your cult is not so old so why did you convert and are converting people in the first place?

  12. just a quick reminder to everyone. We all kinow that muslims hate jews and christians, but they also hate hindus and interestingly the buddhists have been probably the most abused by the muslims for centuries ..aside from killing 80 million hindus, and 10 million sikhs , the muzzies also killed 30 million buddhists including an estimate of 10 milli9on along the silk road to china. Remember Afghanistan was once a beautiful peaceful buddhist kingdom and a center of the gandharan greco buddhist civilization ( alexander the great and his men got friskie when they conquered that part of the world). Afghanistan even had queens and council of wise women. After afghanistan fell into the clutches of islam women became chattel and dnow look at the horrific state of affairs for womenkind in the land of the mullahs.

    The mongols were being harrased by the muslims from the west and eventually they united under Temujin or Ganghis Khan who then took the battle against the muslim all the way to Baghdad the center of islamdom . The buddhist mongols suspended their non violence buddhist precept and almost savagely wiped out the muslims ( muslims go with the strong horse and only understand the language of violence ), The great khan and his son made a fatal mistake and allowed for his soldiers to marry muslimahs and within a few generation the plague of islam infected all of central asia.

    prior or concomittant to this, the muslims also were blocked by china militariily and culturally in central asia. After the chinese lost part of the war with the invading muslims at the battle of the tala river, they withdrew from central asia and the muslims started invading and that led to the holocaust of the hindus. It was so bad that the northern mountains of india was known as the Hindu KIush ( or killing fields of the hindus …the word kush comes from persian ‘koshtan’ = to kill or killing ). The Tang dynasty refurbished the great wall of china to also keep out the marauding islamic hordes ( A lot of people should be informed as to the purpose of the great wall of china — now you know )

    There is an ancient buddhist prophecy that foretell the destruction of islam by descendents or kinfolks of the great Khan …it seems that the Han chinese are to only viable candidate …they are related to the mongols ?!!
    how China protected central asia from islamic invasion both militarily and culturally for 4 plus centuries until the mohammadians used treachery and bribery to turn the cntral asian tribesmen against the chinese.

      • de nada ! by the way BNI will you be reporting on how the islamists , the predator and opportunists that they are , are trying to recruit hispanics ( other than blacks ) and other native americans into their fold. Turkish islamist groups are cozying up with native americans telling them that turks and native americans are ethnically related ( by a stretch of the imagination lol …well so are the tibetans and karluks and manchus lol )
        and they are trying to open islamic centers in indian sovereign nations

        …and most likely up to no good and all kinds of shenangeegans. In gallup , new mexico , they already opened a mega mosque /islamic center in anticipation of furtive and stealth brain washing of innocent and probably gullible and clueless indiegnous american ( first american) population . they are having some successs converting the indigenous people of chiapas …they play on the same theme — oh look the white christians catholics ,protestant etc have abused you, come join us, in islam everyone is equal ( everyone and their brother know that is a lie LOL ).

        This is what they are whispering in the ears of black and hispanic americans. To the hispanic they say: oh look the moores gave spain so much civilization , al andaloos, granada, cordoba , sevilla , even you spanish language is full of arabic words algebra ( aljabaar), alcool ( alkuhul), almacen ( almakhazen), algodon ( al qutn )…of course arabic borrowed lots of spanish words too….and of course there was no golden age of andalusia..but constant warfare and inrigue and of course the native spaniards were dhimmis …REALLY , hispanics need to read up a bit more on el Cid ( al Sayyed ). 🙂

      • Sudin Bade—are you from Pune,India? the indian govt. coddles musllims in india, don’t they get some help even for travelling to the Hajj ? The islamonazis in gujerat killed so many hindu pilgrims who were coming back from pilgrimage and were travelling in a train. Many got burnt to death by muslim savages. Then when there was communal retaliation against tthem, the indian muslims start crying foul.

        Look at all the disgusting and inhumane acts committed by islamic demons all over india and even in bangladesh the bangladeshi muslims persecute the hindu and buddhist minorities.

        If the China has any common sense she should cooperate and have strong friendlship with India and drop Pakistan like a hot potatoe

        India like China is such an ancient and complex society. SSome branch of sufi islam which has been heavily influenced by hinduism and buddhism and even jainism may be somewhat slightly palatable or tolerable. An exception might be the holy man Sirdi sai Baba. Sai Baba of Shirdi was a fakir , he wore simple clothing and slept in a mosque. and was purported to perform miracles such as healing the sick,purifying water that was contaminated

      • Thank you for informing us about how the (santanic Islam) have killed other religious groups like the Hindus. Of course our news media (USA) would never report anything about it. I do know that Indian Hindus defend against the muslim bastards. Thank you again!

  13. Muslims are also offended when we don’t wear dighties on our head. Who gives a shit what offends them? Why the hell do they think we give a shit? Man they do have an inflated sense of narcissistic self-respect, not shared by the sane. Certainly most people in the USA and Western democracies don’t care at all what offends Muslims! Why in hell do they think we are ever going to care? I never will. To hell with them and pity the camel they rode in on.

      • BNI ..i am no fan of the communist chinese regime,but I think they are working on it…at least in spaying and neutering the younger ones so they do not revert into islamo monsters down along the way. China forbids madrassahs and any islamic centers and mosques are heavily vetted and
        controlled. One wrong kalimah or one wrong fatwa and off with the Imam’s head by the communist autorities — hee hee !

        The russians are quite strong in their resistance too, and so are the bulgarians and poles. I don’t agree with everything Putin does but he is acting the right way regarding islam in russia.

        The muslim convert of a congressman Andre Carson said that he wished the US educational system could take madrassahs as a role model LOL…..muslims congressmen ( the other muslim snake in the grass sis Keith Ellison) . The US should close down all madrassahs and even the fake Zeitun college in califormnia

  14. I am not really surprised. Pork is abundant in China, but beef is really hard to come by- and yes- lots of vendors sell pork as beef.

    • This is nothing new, I used to work with some muslims from Kenya, I would buy them sausage pizza and tell them it was beef, they would be jerks about it otherwise, NBD.

      • To jammer khan: Don’t dare to refer Jesus(isa) and the Jewish prophets as being muslims bcoz none of them has ever spread hatred and misery like your paedophile fake prophet.

      • Jameer khan — only jews can be prophet, mohammad was not a he cnnot be a prophet ..end of story . Also the muslim Issa is not the same as the christian Jesus…the muslim Issa will come with the mahdi and also slaughter the jews and all infidels …you think Jesus will behave like that LOL ? U dont even know your own religion

    • Your entire cult is a lie. Every day your lunatic pals are murdering, raping and abusing people, and you only sit up and complain when we speak the truth about you. Go away you repulsive little worm.

    • Shazad don’t be upset. We know your lying cult was established by a murderous pedophile pork eater who screwed animals including pigs.

    • Nice language, Shahzad. How would the prophet feel about it. Oh, right, he would love that particular term since he hated women. Does Allah talk like that?

    • Nice language Shazam. Let me guess, the Mechanic gave your Magic Carpet a bad tune-up, you fell off and banged your little noggin….
      Poor Muzzie Baby.
      Fact is, Every Muslim is going to burn in Hell for Eternity for worshiping Satan or “allah” as you call him.
      Now Go Away…..

    • No it’s not. At least in the five yrs that I studied environmental toxicology and sustainable agriculture at UC Davis, not once was it stated that pork is a carcinogen. Currently employed as a field investigator in food safety and there are no cases on file of anyone contracting cancer from pork. Trichinosis from improper cooking, but no. No carcinogens.

  15. I had to laugh at this!,nice to see them Moslems getting fed pork unknowing when we have been fed Halal foodstuffs for years not knowing it’s origin as it had not been labelled!,even our morning cornflakes and our childrens sweets have been certified Halal and the Halal tax paid so i do NOT buy those products that have been named Halal anymoe!,nice to see Moslems get come uppance!.

  16. Let the the swinization begin! All integrated into swine society! I don’t give a hoot about who’s protesting. Force feed em all! Muahaha!

    • YES!!! I agree!!!! While they’re at it they won’t hurt my feelings if they throw a little something painful in the mix!! Eat up suckers!!!

  17. I fed a Saudi guy a piece of bacon this morning. He acted like he had never seen it before, but I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what it was. After he ate it I told him it was pork and he said “oh, this is bad” or something like that then got on the bus and bounced.

      • Do muslims eat fish. How do the categorize it, Halal or otherwise. And those who eat, must have invented some weird logic to it.

    • The vile ISLAM cannot be considered to be a ‘faith’, Mike. It is not a religion but a warped ideology masquerading itself as a religion to use religious laws against us.

      • Karen, if you agree with Mike, why are you here? Go read a Q’uran. It will change your belief that Islam is a ‘faith”. Maybe a few history lessons will help you, also. As a woman, I would think you would be appalled at what that so-called faith is doing to women (sexual enslavement and rape of little girls to start).

    • If we get a kick out of those heathens eating pork, so be it. They get a kick out of beheading us and forcing their ways down our throats. Why should we worry if we offend those sick bastards? I don’t loose any sleep when I do.

    • One can love the guy who cuts one’s head off, I suppose, in some abstract sense, but can one love the guy who cuts one’s loved ones heads off, in any sense? I don’t think so. If hate gets us fired up to rid the world of these scumbags, then I say we should hate them with every fiber of our being. Nobody loved the Nazis after they saw what they did to people. I cannot love the Islamofascists. Muslims who are brutalized by Islamofascists might wake up and leave that junk religion, based on a book full of lies and dangerous evil teachings. But we don’t have time to sort them out when they are already too widespread, we have to shut them all down. This is a military emergency.

    • Islam is not a “faith”. It is a political system about control and submission. Moohamed was not a prophet but a war lord and a clever one, who got everything he wanted by saying “Allah” told him. Life taking a child for a bride. What a scam. It is so sad you believe Islam is a “faith”. You probably believe being Muslim is a race, too. Maybe you should read the Q’uran.

  18. So the brain dead muzzers had to eat prime porky. Well so they deserve it And I’m only too pleased to see it happen. I hope some meat producers in the UK and Europe do the same to the Scum.
    Now, let’s look at this realistically… I suppose their scumback korans tell them something along the lines, that if they eat pork, they become dirty infidels and allah will kill them and send them to hell and the seven virgins will become witches. Well if that were to happen, that’s fine with me; the fewer muzzers in this world, the better. But, sadly, it won’t happen. Why? Because allah and that imbecile mohammed don’t even exist (and have never existed). It’s all in their pea (and ham) sized brains. Deluded twats.
    As for the Chinese Police, it appears they are going a bit soft and liberal, coming to the aid of muzzers!!! What? China has laws on how halal is produced… That’s a laugh! But, hey ho, the Chinese Police, obviously aren’t good enough to catch the Meat Porckers in the act, before the meat is sold. Carry on Meat Porckers, you’re doing a great job.

  19. CHINA: 22 tons of pig meat sold as halal to Muslims…AND A BIG OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Well fuckem, their muslims, dirty savage murdering animals, they butcher their own people in the name of a god that was chosen at random from a list of hundreds of arab gods….

    They hate all of us simply for being born, why not feed them pig shit and call it humus…

    • Joseph with all due respect, I don’t know where you sourced your knowledge from about Muslims and about Islam but please if you did not source your knowledge from the Holy Quran please don’t judge Islam or say anything about Islam. Don’t live your life in arrogance and in ignorance of the truth when it is sitting right in front of you. A Muslim does not define Islam. A Muslim only strives to follow its teachings but it is true that there are those who take its meaning out of context. The Quran cant just be read – one needs to understand it in context to have a better understanding of Islam.

      • Well I don’t know about Joseph, but I know where I “sourced your knowledge from about Muslims and about Islam”. TV, online, books, magazines, newspapers, etc, using my eyes to see & my brain top process the information. It is true that muslims are dirty savage murdering animals, they butcher their own people in the name of god & they hate all non-muslims.

      • MJ, so if you are living by your holy (hahaha) Q’uran, how many hands and feet of infidelts have you smitten? How many heads have you cut off? How many wives does your husband have? How many slave girls do you own? What?? None, you say? Why not? Why are you not living out the prophet’s (hahaha) rules and regulations? Hypocrites, all.

      • Adam, I guess all those people getting their heads cut off, gays being thrown off of buildings, mutilations, husbands being killed so their wives can be sex slaves, little boys and girls raped, drownings, shootings, and on and on never happened. Get your head out of the sand (pun intended) and look around you. Read your own holy (hahaha) book. Written by a sick war lord who chose a moon god to subject people to his will and made up stories about revelations from “allah” to get what he wanted and “married” little girls and said “allah’ told him it was ok. I wonder about those Muslims who save their whole lives to go to Mecca and tramp around a big black monolith that holds a meteorite the size of a baseball and think they are doing something holy. Must be all that intermarriage between first cousins that have lowered their IQ and made them sub human savages. Sorry, I don’t want to live in 700 AD but you seem to want to. Please go back there!

  21. What goes around comes back around!! I purchased Lamb last year and once it was received, I noticed it had been sacrificed to allah!! I am Not Muslim and I don’t eat Muslim Food!!!!

      • That’s kind of true. But now they have their own Halal section in the woolworths and coles here. Other items have become Halal in Australia Cadburys Chocolate for one. And they sold Halal Chocolate Easter Eggs at Easter to Christians! That’s foul. Imagine if we did that here in Australia, they would bomb us! Yes, sad but true. My australia is very Muslim Strong and they are only getting stronger. Sadly so many Aussie young males try to emulate them and act like they do, they even say “Yallah” alot of young aussies 25 and under it’s so gross

      • Anything killed halal is bad for you medically. These animals are not stunned or their heart stopped before being killed. They are awake and aware and their throats are cut then they are bled out. Being aware, they are frightened and in a panic and they release all kinds of harmful hormones into the meat which remains there and then when eaten by humans, is absorbed into the body. May be another reasons Muslims are so weird and unintelligent and have so many birth defects, besides the intermarrying thing.

      • Hi BNI, we do have some abattoirs that are not ‘certified’ as most of the ones that are supply predominantly to Islamic countries, Indonesia, Saudi etc. A little research will let you know which exporters do not pay this illegal tax. I have learnt how much money these scumbags are ‘stealing’ and this ‘tax’ is totally unconstitutional. Hope this helps

    • The Bible specifically warns us to not eat meat that was dedicated to idols! 1 Corinthians 8…

  22. Dont rust nothing from China. They hate Whiteys and Americans…Remember the Blue Sun Shades that blinded and damnaged peoples eyes and the sheet rock that caused allergys, etc. and what about the baby powder milk???

    • Not to mention steam Chinese buns made of processed carton boxes, fake rice, fake eggs , fake cabbage and many more.

  23. And God gave Adam and Eve teeth to eat meat …so doith The Lord so shal I doith
    After hearing broccoli scream when I put in to a pot of boiling water ,I swore I would never do it again

  24. In the UK, Halal meat is becoming the only meat that we can buy and it’s only being done that way to appease the Muslim scum that we’re forced to tolerate in our country.

    It’s great to see non-Halal meat being profitably stuffed into Muslim scum, because it’s like PAYBACK! If eating this means that the Muslim scum is unclean, there is always, of course, the suicide option – which, naturally, I wouldn’t recommend on this page, because that would be naughty!

    • Nothing naughty about comments Ian. I wont touch Halal meat. We are not forced to tolertate them either. They are scum and should be treated like scum. I take out a piece of bacon in a small plastic bag when I leave the house. Just to be “safe” if attacked, so to speak.
      I don’t think Muhammed told his “followers” that the 72 virgins would be children either…..grrrrrr……but, that’s the Islamic ideology for you.

  25. Pig flesh has a parasitic worm that enters the human body and remains
    In the muscle tissue for life.Pigs also eat their
    own faeces.Guess that may have something to do with Divine
    Wisdom being useful to mankind?

    • Maybe you should try cooking your pig flesh before you eat it so you kill that parasitic worm!!!!! As for eating their own feces, I can guarantee that all animals intake feces with their food if they eat grass….do you think the animals check to make sure no one pooped there ever before when they take a nibble? Just saying!!!!

  26. Are the muslims so STUPID as to not know the difference in taste and texture between pork and beef ? It’s a proven fact that muslims have a lower IQ than average but I didn’t realize it was that low.

  27. Surprised the police took a interest in it that’s not like them. But glad to see they got a good meal for a change. Not like in the middle east have sex with the sheep first then eat it. That’s love Arab style.

  28. lol….What does the muzzies unholy book say must be done for eating the forbidden piggy? What is their penance for such an abomination, do they now have to kill themselves? I hope!

  29. A couple of items – 1) it’s not a pig “theory”, and 2) it wasn’t made by Jews. It’s a “G-d-thing” found in the book of Leviticus (Vayyiqra). The Hebrew people were(are) being obedient to G-d’s instructions. The “Jews” didn’t formulate a “theory”.

    You also may want to read about trichinosis.

    • @Mordechai,

      the FACT that they didn’t bury their dead deep enough so that the pigs couldn’t eat them doesn’t enter into it?

  30. Non-Muslims have to make it clear, Muslims are not welcome in the West, in China, in India, in any civilized and modern technological society. This is one way of doing it. I’d be pleased to see this sort of thing happen in the West.

  31. This was truly a pleasant story. Perhaps one of the superfine BNI choir could reprise the old children’s song that goes: “me Chinese, me play joke, me do pee-pee in your coke”?

  32. Except for being funny, why are the police involved? I guess Chinese police have no sense of humor. I mean, BFD, are the Chinese police enforcing sharia? It’s not like anyone is going to die from it. Seriously, the Chinese can’t even make safe dog food and someone expects them to sell halal food to Muslims? They should have poisoned it.

    • I think the police were hungry! giving away all that good pork to a people who will never appreciate that crispy bacon in the morning. It was the aroma of cooking bacon that attracted the police, is it a crime to serve bacon to messylemons, only when pork appreciators miss out. go China, loving it

  33. Fatima ! You worthless bitch ! I will beat you again if you can’t make this meat taste as good as the other beef we had that was light in color when cooked and smelled so wonderful when it was roasting. I should have listened to my mother and not brought home an of caste convert to our peaceful religion.

  34. I can see the humor in this, BUT, China could do something like this to us, or any other people, or to their own people too. Why, they already have. How many pets died a few years back from poisoned canned food? Thousands of Chinese babies were killed and injured from poisoned baby food. The Chinese communist govt is working to control the food supply of the world. In this video, minutes 6 to 10 are on the colored mystery meat debacle.

    • Seriously? Would you eat meat from China, I sure as hell wouldn’t, and in the supermarkets here in B.C. I’ve spoken to many people who won’t touch ANY food from China.
      Electronics, machinery, tools, etc., we buy grudgingly, but NEVER any food; and you shouldn’t either.

      • I won’t buy food from the U.S. Your FDA allows ingredients that are banned in the EU. Yes, I agree, Muslims take the Halal thing to extremes, but I avoid pork where I can. (I am a sucker for bacon though).
        I avoid buying anything from China, if I can.

    • Very true, Liz. It is also interesting China is fond of using lead paints in their cheapo toys they export to other countries that consumers here can purchase in any dollar store. What are the devastating side effects of ingesting or absorption through the skin in the young ? Effects of Long-Term Lead Poisoning :
      Lead poisoning can lead to a variety of health problems in kids, including:

      decreased bone and muscle growth
      poor muscle coordination
      damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and/or hearing
      speech and language problems
      developmental delay
      seizures and unconsciousness (in cases of extremely high lead levels)

    • It’s true. Chine sold Frozen Berries To Nanna’s in Australia and there was a massive outbreak of Hepatitis A here because in China they grow all their fruit and veg in human feces, what the hell! Same thing happened a couple of years ago in America. I never buy ANYTHING from china, not packaged, nothing. They are filthy.

  35. One can be sure that the Chinese police are still laughing at the arab dummies. If the arabs bought paint to spruce up mecca, they could be assured of a pork base to the paint… In the UAE, the Chinese could buy a phone card for computer telephone use, and Etisalat was unable to stop the use bypassing their high priced services. My Chinese live in girlfriend said that they had the whole place wired, and could get pork and whisky among many other things easily without problems.

  36. It couldn’t have happened to a worse bunch of savages, … because there AREN’T ANY SAVAGES WORSE THAN STINKING muslims, woo hoo !

    • We didn’t evolve at all. When God first created humans, He gave them a vegetarian diet. We weren’t allowed to eat meat until later.

      • The theory that we came from these 2 people, all of us, has to be false. I believe divine source created us, but not by this method. I believe it was an idea adapted over time, “cave” men being the prototype. I believe that is whey there are gaps in the evolutionary chain, these gaps were when the base ideas were scrapped and newer better forms created. As for original sin ? how could that possibly be fair ? What about people in remote places of the world who lived and died for hundreds and thousands of years before a bible ever existed and after it existed ? Also, no way we could be from just 2 people, because all the first offspring would be inbred and abnormal. And a talking snake ? come on…

        • the reason there are gaps in the evolutionary chain is because it is a false theory, just like th dinosaurs dying off 65 million years ago and low and behold they are in the bible. every culture around the world has ancient drawings ,pictures, carvings and historical writings of humans and dinosaurs aka dragons , living on earth at the same time..if dinosaurs died off before humans came to be , how are there accurate descriptions of almost every kind of dinosaur, along with numerous, drawings , carvings takes alot more faith to beleive in evolution, than it does to beleive the accurate bible…

        • thats nonsense, the babylonian ,sumerian texts are completely ddifferent than genesis..the bible is an anvil that has wore out many much hate as there is for the bible , it must be soo frustrating that it cant be touched orr disproven in anway.if you knew anything about the bible, you would know it is the most accurate historical book ever…dont wait till its too yourself

      • Kathy, how do you describe all the Begatting? FLAT OUT INCEST… do you feel about sex with your kids? because its in the bible.

      • Not only were Adam, Eve, and their children vegetarian, but so were all the animals. Permission to eat meat was given to Noah and his family after disembarking from the boat after the flood.

        “Fairy tales”?! Sorry, Miss BNI, there is too much archeological and historical evidence to back up the original bible.

      • excuse me kathy, are you brain dead or something, of course we evolved, how do you think humans came to be ?!!!!

  37. Interesting. I wouldn’t mind if somebody reported to the places where this “beef” was sold that so much of it was pig flesh, and that they’ve damned all who consumed it heck. Personally, I love having bacon strips in the morning. It’s like meat candy.

    • Lol.. Really? Oh well.. I am so against all animal killing. Yes i am a vegetarian. But it’s pretty much like, i won’t criticize such meat eating really.. “why bother make your own laws for your country”.. Hahaha.

      We know, this pig theory was made by Jews, but muslims just breached it, and made it much more radical. Many types of meat aren’t even allowed in Judaism, like camel meat, but muslims do eat camel, which is just shameful.

      • Well hate to burst your bubble, but eating meat is actually healthier than eating just plants. We evolved as meat-eaters, not herbivores. Don’t believe me? I could care less. Do your own research.

        • Grog: have you ever looked at the nutritional factsheet on veggie products?

          There is veggie and vegan, the latter being the real thing. I am mostly veggie. No meat except chicken once every few months. Fish, pasta, veggie prods.

        • Correct, Grog, we did indeed evolve as meat eaters, our teeth alone show that, not to mention the fact that hundreds of millions (billions) of people simply could not survive as vegans.
          It should be common knowledge.

        • yep our intestines are shorter therefore meat is the best food to get the nutrients we need, while grass eaters have longer intestines because they can digest the food better and extract more nutrients from it than we humans can, and that’s just going by animal intestine lengths, don’t even get me started on what is best for our bodies in general or that b12 is found in quantities that humans need mostly from animals, and if it wasn’t for the fact that small insects get ground up in the wheat and other crops as they are taken from the fields a lot of vegetarians would be required to take b12 suppliments but thanks to bug guts, yum yum, they don’t have to.

        • Actually we are OMNIVORES not simply carnivores or herbivores (yuck, that last word made me throw up in my mouth a little)

        • Grog, research Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type and see what foods we are to eat and why to prevent disease. We were first plant eaters, I am Type A my hsbnd is what was introduced Type O a Meat eater. There is something to it all. I am not supposed to eat much meat but trust me am a meat eater!

        • Did you also research the life expectancy of those meat eaters? I’m not against meat, I eat it, but I shouldn’t eat as much as I do. Truth is, plants were more plentiful than meat and most of their diets consisted of plants. Meat was the staple in colder months. But plants, berries and wild herbs were summer fare, meat didn’t keep as long so it wasn’t as desirable.
          Those who eat mostly protein have a shorter life expectancy since most proteins come from meat and they are most times infected with parasites.
          Not to mention, depending on which theory of evolution you believe, (apes, fish, alien, etc), most of those are vegan.

        • Spot on Grog. In fact our closest relatives the Chimpazee are also meat eaters. Of course unlike them most of us do not chase down and consume the meat of other humans.

        • I love animal killing, as long as it prays on a mat and reads a koooran! 😀 String ’em up and bleed ’em! Would that make muzzie meat halal? ROFL I mean it’s a confirmed fact that muzzie degenerate men ‘feast’ on young boy meat for sex at parties and by trading the boys around so, again. string ’em up and bleed ’em dry!

        • grog is absolutely correct…if not for out ancestors eating meat we wouldn’t be here today…it’s what helped with the development of the human brain….

      • Just a little FYI about humans eating meat- When Homosapiens were hunters and scavegers, tooth decay was almost non-existent. When grains and cereals were added to the human diet, thats when tooth rot and decay started happening. Grains and cereals as well as all other carbohydrates, are metabolized into sugars, that ended up destroying teeth. Humans are carnivores but our digestive system is amazing and we can live as ‘omnivores’, allowing the human race to be adaptable to survive many different environments. Our ancestors would need to follow our food source and like the animals we hunted, staying in one place would use up the available resources in the area. Humans did eat veggies and fruits, but just like other carnivores, we got the grains, veggies and fruit from the stomachs of the animals we hunted and ate. Human diets and bear diets are fairly similar for me to explain what our systems need. I’m 110% with you about inhumane and unethical treatment of animals, but, vegetarian diets aren’t anywhere close to being better or healthier for a human than a well rounded diet consisting of meats. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking being a vegetarian is better for the environment. Agriculture of grains, cereals, rice, soy and so many more farming takes a massive toll on the environment due to land, pest control, chemicals, machinery to farm and manage crops. You have no idea how many animals farmers kill in the name of protecting crops from being eaten. Clams and shrimp aren’t kosher either.

        • Hi, love your comment, and agree. Would it be ok if I copied and pasted it to a Facebook page I created, called Better By Nature ?

        • The phytic acid in grains, seeds, nuts and beans binds minerals so they cannot be absorbed. There is much more of it in WHOLE grains than refined or polished grains. When grains are cultured or fermented, it breaks down the phytic acid. All traditional grain-eating societies fermented them which partially digests them (like in an animal’s stomach) and inactivates the phytic acid.

        • Actually, it’s estimated that humans ate meat once a week. Carbs are good for the body because its stores up energy. Which is useful to humans since they didn’t eat every day. Now we do and our bodies aren’t used to it

      • Jews had Kosher food restrictions in the ancient world for safety reasons. Obviously it was trial and error to come up with the list, if people got sick or died the food became forbidden and was worked into the LAW for their protection. Trichinosis infection was the culprit with pork. With modern pharmaceutical and farming in the West this has been eradicated. I know lots of Jew that eat pork, in fact just had dinner a few weeks ago in the home of some Jewish friends and they served loaded baked potatoes, yes with BACON, cooked and eaten by the host himself.

        • Jews didn’t keep kosher in biblical times because of dietary trial and error…they kept kosher because God commanded them to. And while most secular Jews don’t keep kosher, those who love God and believe in His Torah still do. You’ll even find some Christians, such as myself, who also keep kosher in obedience to God’s Word.

        • ” You’ll even find some Christians, such as myself, who also keep kosher in obedience to God’s Word” Well God’s Word in the NT says otherwise – Mark 7:15-20, Matt 5:17-19. Christ fulfilled the requirements and all those in Christ are not subject to the judgments of the Law. Regardless those that abstain, God Bless.

          Also I’d say a lot of my Jewish American friends are more “Kosher Style” with their eating habits.

          This site and comments while in some ways interesting, is full of so much anger and hate. We should bless those that curse us, and pray for those that would do us harm.

        • Kosher dietary laws have nothing to do with “safety reasons” or “trial and error”. Jews are not to eat certain foods just because G-d said so, that’s it. Non-Jews can eat pork and shellfish. Does G-d want them to get sick? I don’t think so.

          The written Torah is paired with the oral Torah(now written down and called the Talmud), that expounds on the shorter written law. Both were received from G-d on Mt. Sinai. The oral law says that the only animal that has a completely split hoof but doesn’t chew its cud is the pig. No one has ever shown otherwise. It also says that all fish that have scales also have fins, but not all fish with fins have scales. Never proved otherwise. How could the Jews know this thousands of years ago? Millions of Jews do keep some level of kosher, and more and more do over time.

      • A Vegetarian? OH! NO!! What do you call a Vegetarian with the “runs”? A salad shooter 😉 Well, package up that pork and send it to me, I’ll have it with my halal hash browns and halal eggs in the morning.

      • If you really cared about the sanctity of life, you’d stop eating proven Living organisms like PLANTS and would eat rocks…just wanted to point out how rediculous being a vegetarian is.

    • The muslims eat it and didn’t die, so bull shit on this halal meat thing it’s all in their scredwed up heads.

      • I think that all the nations that are taking in these low lifes these leaches of humanity,I think all aide as far as these worthless,non muslim murdering,war mongers,I think everybit of the food that is freely provided to them as refugee food should all be of some way made from or be pork,and then if they dont want it give it to our ppl that are homeless and starving or take and give it to the ethiopian food deprived ppl,give them all pork of some sort and they should be greatfull for it not complsin and say we cant eat that I was raised that beggers cant be choosers