[UPDATED!] JACKSONVILLE, FL International Airport evacuated after suspicious packages found

The Jacksonville International Airport was shut down for nearly five hours, stranding incoming planeloads of passengers on the tarmac and delaying outgoing flights, after police found two suspicious packages, one of which was deemed “destructive” and had to be deactivated offsite by a bomb squad.

No information yet as to the nationality/religion of the perps.

UPDATE: Muslim Democrat Shuts Down Jacksonville Airport with Bomb Hoax (dry run?)

The man, Zeljko Causevic, was charged with having a hoax bomb. He told authorities that the device — a luggage scale with two batteries and a microchip, plus a remote “detonator” — was “supposed to be a bomb, but it’s not.”


Causevic was scheduled to appear in bond court in Jacksonville Wednesday afternoon. An arrest report indicates he is originally from Bosnia.

Causevic is a common Bosniak last name. There have been a number of Muslim figures with that name so it’s a reasonably safe bet that Zeljko Causevic is a Muslim. And likely another of the Muslim refugees from troubled spots allowed into the United States.

While his religious affiliation is unconfirmed, his political status as a Registered Democrat is.

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Picture of man being arrested at Jacksonville International Airport
Picture of man being arrested at Jacksonville International Airport

Jacksonville International Airport reopened at 11 p.m. Tuesday, five hours after authorities found two suspicious packages and took two men into custody. Police said one of the packages contained “a device that had to be rendered safe,” but they didn’t elaborate.

The packages were found inside the terminal and in a parking garage, Stewart said. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office spokesman Shannon Hartley said bomb squad officers neutralized the package with the device off property. He declined to give details about the contents or where the package was located.

A witness said that he saw at least two men handcuffed in separate spots — one in the airport and one outside — shortly before 6 p.m. A second witness said he saw police throw a man to the ground outside the airport and then put him in handcuffs.


A law enforcement source told The Times-Union that the man inside the terminal told authorities he had a bomb before he was detained. Hartley declined to say anything about the men in custody.

A picture provided to the Times-Union by one witness shows police kneeling over a man lying on the ground outside the airport with a large blue duffel bag near his side. Another picture shows a handcuffed man standing by police inside the terminal.

Jacksonville police blocked off the entrance to the airport and its garages were closed as police searched for more packages. The law enforcement source said that the incident began when authorities confronted a suspicious man who refused to be screened and then claimed he had a bomb. After the man was taken into custody, he asked to talk with the FBI, the source said. A second man was seen running from the area and was taken into custody a short time later.