When they aren’t shooting up malls in Kenya, a Somali-Canadian Muslim man beheads his 4 children

279987_216096338518064_379421853_oWorried about an ‘Islamophobic’ backlash, Somali community in Calgary is reeling upon hearing the news that a former city cab driver, Omar Shire Hussein, 60, has been arrested in Somalia for beheading his four children. “That’s unheard of,” (No, it isn’t) said Mohamed Jama, president of the Somali Canadian Society of Calgary.

SUN NEWS (h/t Susan K)  The kids, ranging in age between 11 and 6, were reportedly killed just outside the city of Beledweyne, in the Hiirran province in central Somalia. The reason for beheading the kids is not known and it’s unclear whether Hassan was mentally unstable.

The kids’ mother, Khadro Xuseen, told the state run media that she knew Hussein to be in good health and that he had a good personality. The mother identified her children as Sakariye, Yonis, Yaxye and Idiris. The parents are no longer married and Xussen lives in Mogadishu, while the incident occurred in an area 330 km. north of the Somali capital.

And here we have the family photos:

Hiranweyn (h/t Tarek Fatah)