ILLINOIS: “Because we are Muslims, we think it was a hate crime.”

chi-officials-two-men-dead-in-evanston-building-20130731Parents of two brothers killed in their tobacco shop thinks it’s because they are Muslims and they say their pain doesn’t matter to anyone (Actually, it doesn’t). But police think it was a robbery.  Call CAIR. They can turn a cloudy day into a hate crime against Muslims.

ABC  The bodies of 38-year-old Azim Hakeem and 34-year-old Mobeen Hakeem were discovered in the basement of their family’s tobacco shop in the north suburb. In the space between two full basement humidors somebody gunned down the pair and padlocked the store from the outside on July 30. The parents do not believe everything is being done to investigate the deaths and think it’s only because they are Muslims. 

Evanston police, while not calling it a hate crime, have not ruled out that race may have been involved. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

“They are born and raised here, but it is our culture,” said Mahjbeen Hakeem, the slain brothers’ mother. “They follow the house rules, very obedient. Even now, even my husband, he cries every night before he goes to bed because Mobeen is the one who used to tuck him into bed.”