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  1. But Obama, “the puppet” (and I, too, believe that) is the “perfect” puppet, bec. he’s a sociopath and narcissict and has no conscience when it comes to playing with and destroying lives. His actions – or, in some cases, inaction – have proved this again and again. He’s a heartless SOB, perfect for the petty Mussolini/Chavez/fascist dicatator/tyrant he either aspires to be or is content to fulfill.

  2. Though I can’t bring myself to watch the vid, I can only imagine what my reaction would be.
    Just my “visual” leaves me shaking with pure anger and grief. My heart goes out to anyone suffering this anguish. I know I would go absolutely ape-shit if someone did that to one of mine and I’d destroy anyone involved.
    Muslim or other, no child should be killed or trained to kill. To hate and to teach hate is the epitome of evil.

    • Muhammad personally had children killed, and was once asked by his men who were concerned about possibly killing children as collateral damage during night raids, he replied: “Meh; they are of them.” In other words: who cares, they’re infidel kids.

        • “Unknowable and Unkown” Allah can never be understood nor Reasoned with, so it’s really only Pain, and their worship of it can only only ever be fearful obedience, never admiration, Reason, nor Love. And that’s all official, according to the Qur’an itself!

  3. Syria is a special case with a delicate balance of power that keeps the most vicious people from taking over. The Alawites are far from admirable, but better than the others. Stability is better for Syria than a new MB or al Qaeda dictatorship.

  4. I bet ohbuma doesn’t loose a second of sleep children in muzlime countries are doomed from the womb I wish I had the power to make islam a bad idea that never happened but thank you for your web page and all like it people need to know how barbaric the death cult of islam is keep up the good fight BNI.

  5. Dear BNI:

    A distraught father literally takes half of his child’s head and places it with the other half of the little boy’s skull. Then as the father “loses it” with grief, what appears to be ambulance/paramedic/emergency rescue staff… have to RIP THE BOY from his hysterical father’s arms.

    Then previous BNI posts… the little girl chained so she has to watch her parents slaughtered; the two teen boys executed because they were from a “pro-Assad” town; children in the Kenyan Mall are stabbed to death; Buddhist children in Thailand raped and left for dead.

    The muzslime are always so proud of themselves when they inflict casualties. Do they realize how the world views them as cowards… when they inflict such horrors on children? Don’t answer- I know the reply. They view themselves as heroes and not the monsters they truly are.

  6. Before you weep too much over this remember this guy would enthusiastically support his government doing this to every child in Israel. There are no good guys here. Just bad and worse.

  7. How absolutely awful!
    When it comes time for ALL of us to stand before the Throne of the Righteous God…. Well, he better hope he never dies.

    • The blood is not on his hands only but on all of our hands, and all of the goverment.
      Obama isnt the person who rules the goverment, he is a puppet, those behind him are the real reason for this to happen.

      • If Obama is only a puppet of the bankster/corporazi cabal, then so is the rest of “the government” and since I’m part of none of the above, NO it’s not on my hands!

  8. What the hell is obama doing not having Rules of Engagement enforced by his radical savages in syria. Oh…it is okay for our men to fight with their hands tide behind them, but GOD forbid the savages would have their hands tide. Now you know why so many innocent people are getting killed. There aren’t any rules for muslim savages. That is why the savages must start to hear us coming for them, because they are born cowards, why else all the lies to get them to kill innocent children.

    • Yohan, don’t dream, I have posted equally horrific beheadings and torture videos by the rebels and nothing happens. The Obama Regime is funding the rebels and nobody says a word.

    • the lame stream media would never allow this to be posted as it would would upset american sensitivities. we need to be shocked awake PRONTO

    • yohannbiimu, I doubt he is blaming anyone at this point..seems more likely that he is in shock and showing how badly disfigured his son is. Almost as if he is trying to “mend” or “fix” what little is left of his son’s face/head. G-d help us all.