DENMARK: They can blur the face, but there is no doubt that the pervert on the train is a Muslim


As he fondles the half-asleep teenage girl while jacking off in front of her, he keeps saying, “Please Sex” in his distinctive foreign accent.

islamversuseurope A 17-year-old girl in Denmark is on her way home from a night out, having had a bit too much to drink. A man sits down next to her and starts to reach into her bag. Eventually, after a few minutes, he succeeds in stealing her laptop. When he makes off with it, another man “of foreign appearance” sits down next to her and starts fondling her while masturbating. When she wakes and tries to fend him off, he is persistent, and keeps repeating the words “Please sex”.

Note how the police blur out the perpetrators’s faces at the same time as they ask the public for help in identifying the men. How stupid is that? Of course, if they weren’t blurred out, we’d see that the perps were Afro-Asiatic exotics. And that might cause people to think racist thoughts. Can’t have that. Better to let criminals go free.

Thanks to BNI Reader Martin, we now have photographs of the two perps. As I suspected, the thief appears to be a Dane and the pervert appears to be a Muslim: