Somebody send this story to Century Savings Bank in NJ, where they just got rid of their no headgear security policy because CAIR complained it discriminated against Muslims

American-Saudi woman, 23, ‘hid under Muslim hijab (headbag) and sunglasses to carry out five perfect bank robberies before she was caught.’

ORIGINAL STORY: new-jersey-century-savings-bank-in-south-painfield-has-now-become-sharia-compliant

85b54834-30fa-40d8-8bcc-e14444eae1e9_16x9_600x338  (h/t The Opinionator) A 23-year-old Minnesota MUSLIM woman is accused of holding up five banks in three weeks, hiding her face under a hijab and big sunglasses. Ranya Al-Huthaili, of Roseville, was charged on September 12 with robbing the Dairy State Bank in Menomonie, Wisconsin – the last of the string of heists she’s allegedly behind beginning August 15.

The Saudi-U.S. woman was arrested on September 9 at Rosedale Shopping Center, after FBI agents traced marked notes she was handed at the Menomonie branch to her home.

According to court documents in the Menomonie heist, Al-Huthaili gave the teller a note that read, ‘I have a gun.’ She allegedly demanded money and the teller gave her $2,350, which included ‘bait bills’ that are marked so police can easily trace them, the Star Tribune reported.


FBI agents used the bills to locate her Roseville residence and the next day followed her to Rosedale, where they witnessed her purchase a laptop computer with cash.  After she left the store, the agents examined the cash, determining it was that stolen in the Menomonie holdup.

 Al-Huthaili was arrested that night and agents say she admitted to a September 5 holdup of the First State Bank and Trust in Hudson as well as the one in Menomonie on Monday.

The FBI believes she also robbed the Klein Bank in Cologne on August 15, the First State Bank of Wyoming in Stacy on August 23 and the TCF Bank in the Cub Foods on Broadway Avenue West in Forest Lake on September 1.