SWEDEN: Young man who was severely beaten in an unprovoked attack by Muslim immigrants in August has now died of his injuries

Sweden-BloodErik Bjorkman, a member of the pro-patriotism Sweden Democratic Youth, SDU, who was was brutally terrorized and beaten up by a Muslim immigrant gang on August 22nd, probably because of his political views, died of his injuries on October 4th, inflicted when he was slammed into the asphalt and suffered several severe blows to the face and head.

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Exponerat  (h/t Sanne ex) According to Eric, shortly after the attack, ” What bothers me is that this can never be classified as a hate crime because of Sweden’s laws.  Now it’s “just” a beating. Police told me that there is an obvious hate crime but it can not be the classification because it is only considered a hate crime if the victim is a minority. 

In a related article from Tundra Tabloids,  Sweden Democrats’ Youth League demonstrated down a city street this past week, and were met by hoots, hollers and middle fingers. What they were demonstrating for was an end to the demonization of Swedes, and Swedishness in their own country. While it might seem ludicrous for most Americans another Westerners living outside Europe to comprehend, showing a pride in one’s own ethnicity and state, is automatically taken as a racist act. In Sweden, only immigrant ethnicities are allowed to be celebrated.

Sign says, "We are also a people. Stop hostility towards Swedes."
Sign says, “We are also a people. Stop hostility towards Swedes.”

 “One Muslim immigrant shouted “Fucking Jew, Fucking Jew!” when he saw me and then afterwards keep on chanting “Fucking Nazis” to us.