NEW YORK CITY: Two Muslims arrested for providing support to foreign terrorists

Two Muslim foreign nationals were arrested Monday and are being prosecuted by the Queens District Attorney’s Office in soliciting or providing support for the Taliban and with conspiracy.


HuffingtonPost  Humayoun Ghoulam Nabi, 32, a Pakistani national living in Queens, and Ismail Alsarabbi, 27, a Kuwaiti residing in Brooklyn were busted after a two-year investigation that involved confidential informants and undercover detectives, police said.  Dhimmi Lawyers who represented the men at their initial court appearance this week in Queens said their clients had been manipulated by police.

According to a criminal complaint, Nabi told a confidential informant that he hated the United States and wanted to take a stand. He told the informant he wanted to form a nonprofit where he could siphon away money for Afghan fighters.”We are sitting here breathing in peace eating chicken and roasts and our brothers, they are dying,” Nabi told the informant, according to the complaint.


The two suspects believed the key to beating U.S. forces overseas was through properly outfitted Taliban soldiers, authorities said. The fighters could then kill American soldiers “and cut them into pieces,” Nabi said, according to the complaint.

Nabi, working with Alsarabbi, wanted to buy socks, shoes, coats and electronics to ship oversees to a warehouse. They met with a man set up by detectives who provided the men with sample gear, authorities said.

Their lawyers say the men were clearly innocent. Federal authorities say they were aware of the NYPD investigation but chose not to prosecute it. The men were being held on state charges of conspiring to solicit aid in support of terrorist organizations.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said defendants were each ordered held on $500,000. They face seven years if convicted. “It is important that local law enforcement do its part, in close coordination with our state and federal counterparts, in the fight against terrorism,” Brown said.