VIVE LA FRANCE! Marine LePen’s anti-Islamization Front National party leads all other parties for the first time in national polls

imagesA new poll in the left-wing magazine Le Nouvel Observateur shows the anti-Muslim immigration Front National leading among the intentions to vote in the upcoming European elections. It puts the FN on 24%, 2 points ahead of the mainstream right-wing UMP on 22% and 5 points ahead of Hollande’s Socialists on 19%.


images4 Islam vs Europe (h/t Susan K) Things are changing in France. The ice is breaking. People are no longer ashamed to say publicly that they vote “far-right”. Witness the actor Alain Delon, Le Samourai, who recently declared his support for the Front National. French film star Alain Delon has come out in support of France’s National Front (FN).In an interview published on Wednesday in the Swiss daily Le Matin, the actor, whose career has seen him appear in some 100 films, described the National Front’s growth as “uplifting.”b Delon went to on to say that he “approves” the party’s progress, which he attributed to a general sense of gloom due to what, he called, was a lack of political action. (Apparently 10% is the breaking point. When the Muslim population reaches 10% of any country, the people wake up)