LibertyGB’s PAUL WESTON weighs in on Tommy Robinson’s and Kevin Carroll’s sudden defection from the English Defence League (EDL)

Unfortunately, Paul does not weigh in on the Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization to which Tommy and Kevin have defected – the Quilliam Foundation.

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LibertyGB  (h/t Linda R) So EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have allied themselves with the Quilliam Foundation, drawing howls of outrage from street demonstrators and armchair activists alike. It is understandable, to a degree, that genuine footsoldiers of the counter-jihad feel aggrieved by what they see as an act of betrayal, but those throwing around accusations of ‘sell-out’ and ‘traitors’ from the security of their online activist La-Z-Boy recliners should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

In order to understand the level of pressure and stress that living under the constant threat of death brings with it, one has had to have lived as Tommy and Kevin have done for many years. How can we really imagine what it is like to live in a heavily Islamified area and to still speak out, to be the public face of an anti-Islamisation organisation?

How can we really understand what every waking hour is like for such men, when not only are their own lives threatened but also those of their wives and children? Can we really imagine arriving at the school gates and hearing the violence and hatred aimed at both ourselves and our children? Can we really imagine that even when sleeping a sudden crash or bang nearby could mean the decapitation of your entire family? I don’t think anyone can really understand this, short of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll. And this went on day after day, month after month and year after year.

Tommy and Kev are not well liked by the British state who provide them with no protection at all. Nor are they rich enough to buy security and isolation from fear. When the BBC’s Andrew Neil blithely announced Tommy’s real name on television, he was in effect calling down a death sentence on him, sanctioned by the state. On top of this comes the constant harassment and persecution by the police, by the media, by radical Muslims and by what appears to be the entire leftist world, which unfortunately for all of us is the overwhelming power in Britain today.

So no, I do not blame Tommy and Kev for making their lives both easier and longer by stepping away from the English Defence League. Living under such constant pressure is impossible, and how they did it for so long I will never know. I experienced just a small amount of their everyday lives via the visceral hatred of the state-sponsored UAF at Walthamstow recently, which was incredibly intimidating. I took my strength from these two men who knew exactly what was coming but refused to back down in the face of mob violence and the fear it manifests – a fear we were all feeling as we saw the police lines buckling before the screeching, howling, rock throwing, murderously violent leftist mob – supported by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

Bravery is not about having a casual disregard for violence, pain and death. Bravery is looking such terrifying prospects in the eye and standing up to them, no matter how scared one feels inside. And bravery on this scale is pretty rare. Those who exhibit it in wartime tend to win medals for courage in the defence of their country, and I have no doubt that if Tommy and Kev were young men during World War II they would both have won the Victoria Cross for acts of conspicuous bravery.

In short, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll are the bravest and most honourable men I have ever known. I am privileged and honoured to include them amongst my friends. In the face of real, genuine evil and terror they have stood up and they have been counted. It is not for us to sneer and accuse them of betrayal, the way many commenters are now doing.

We have no idea what their real future plans are, but I don’t think for one minute they are walking away from the struggle which will define both the 21st century and the future of Western civilisation as we know it. My gut feeling is that they are playing for time, prolonging their lives, maybe even garnering a few quid to buy them future security, and who can realistically blame them for that?

Meanwhile the EDL will live on. Tommy may have been the public face, but without the thousands of brave followers who put their personal security and their job prospects on the line in defence of their country and their culture, the EDL would never have amounted to anything. A street movement needs footsoldiers, and these people are not going to go away just because their leader has abdicated. There will be more Tommy Robinsons and there will be more Kevin Carrolls who will now step up to the mark. The fight will go on and only time will show the emergence of new leaders.

The great English philosopher Roger Scruton once said that when words no longer have the desired effect, then words will be replaced by deeds. My political party, Liberty GB, is stating the words, but the liberal elites who control us are not yet listening. They will have to listen in the end, of course. They cannot ignore our peaceful and tolerant approach forever, but meanwhile it is essential the EDL continues with its street presence, which is apparently the only route available outside election year and the ballot box.

So my final words on this are to wish Tommy and Kev all the very best with their new direction (which may be entirely different to what some of the detractors may think) and to ask the EDL to quickly find replacement leaders who are civilised, articulate, knowledgeable and credible. Tommy’s greatest gift, apart from his near-suicidal courage, was his ability to remain calm under hostile media questioning and his possession of unarguable facts about the genuine evils of Islamic fundamentalism and political Islam.

We need a political party such as Liberty GB, but we also need a street presence which the traitor left cannot ignore in between elections. Between us we will prove unstoppable, but we all need to work together in the defence of our country. Only time will tell if Tommy and Kev have made the right move, but meanwhile the EDL must continue, it must be well led, it must continue to tell the truth and it must continue to act with conspicuous bravery. Let us all work to ensure this happens.

Tommy and Kein with their new Muslim allies
Tommy and Kein with their new Muslim allies