OPERATION FIGHT BACK: ‘Britain First’ patriots take the fight to the enemy in the streets of London

1Paul Golding, leader of Britain First and a team visited the innocuous ‘Yummy Yummy’ sweet shop, in the heart of Islamic East London. This shop is where the notorious, vile Muslim extremist leader Abu Izzadeen works and also where his fellow fanatics meet.

Britain First  Seriously, this mad, hate filled extremist peddles his hatred from a sweetie shop! The team spent a few hours outside this extremist hang-out giving out special leaflets exposing Abu Izzadeen for the vile low-life he is.

Our strategy is to increase the heat on the Muslim leaders, people like Izzadeen, Anjem Choudary and Sayful Islam. If they think we will sit back and watch them run riot they are grossly mistaken!

We wish to send a clear message from Britain First to all of the Islamic preachers of hate: The fightback has begun, we will not give you a moments peace, we – the true people of Britain – are going to hound you from dawn till dusk! You are not welcome here, and we’re going to make damn sure you know it! Stand with us fellow patriots, it is time to take this nation back for our own people!


Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First