RAND PAUL Shocker: A new anti-Islam warrior?

UnknownThrowing political correctness to the wind, Senator Rand Paul goes right to the heart of Christian persecution around the world for which he correctly condemns Muslims.  He also attacks Barack Hussein Obama for his continuing support and funding (for which he also blames Congress) of the terror-linked radical extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Rand Paul’s speech was the highlight of the Value Voters Conference as he addressed the worldwide war on Christianity being waged by Muslims and suppported by leftists.  It is “a war that the mainstream media is ignoring,” he said. Mainstream media liberals are too scared and too PC to say it, but Paul wasn’t: “We must blame Muslims more or less as a homogeneous undifferentiated mass.” “The truth is that there is a minority of Muslims who condone killing of Christians, but, unfortunately, that minority number is in the tens of millions.” (One point of contention at the end, is where he mistakenly attributes Egyptian innovation to Muslim innovation)