Muslim cleric: “Only gays (aka ‘part-time’ men) play instruments”

Under Islam, singing and listening to or playing of musical instruments is ‘haram’ (forbidden) with two exceptions – at weddings and the Eid holiday. But only women are allowed to perform at these events.  Gay men do play instruments, but, of course, we have other ways of dealing with that problem.

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imagesSome Canadian schools are considering doing away with ‘Christian’ holiday celebrations like Christmas and Halloween…and replacing them with…Muslim holidays, yes, MUSLIM holidays!

American Thinker (by Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney) According to CTV News Canada, on October 7, 2013, the previously canceled Halloween and Christmas celebrations have just been reinstated at Winnipeg’s Hastings School.  These Canadian traditional holidays that have been celebrated for a few hundred years, were about to be replaced with possibly Islamic ones.  Yes, Islamic ones.  How so?


Hastings School chose to replace Christmas festivities with African “drumming.”  Given the insistence on an African theme, why did the school not choose African “music” instead, like the magnificent and magical music of Mali that was outlawed by Islam when al-Qaeda took control there?  Why drumming?  Here’s why.

 According to the more authentic and reliable hadiths — traditions or deeds attributed to Mohammed that provide the basis of sharia or Islamic law, after the Koran — musical instruments are all regarded as tools of Satan (Bukhari, vol.2, book 15, hadith 70) and forbidden in Islam, except for the daf drum (Abu Dawud, book 15, hadith 3306). 

th_760232b1f2007a2-viSinging, which was not a Christmas-replacement option for Hastings School, is also forbidden in Islam (especially for women), as it “produces hypocrisy (Abu Dawud, book 41, hadith 4909) in the heart” and is considered to be the voice of Satan.  Both musical instruments and singing lead man astray and deviate from the path of Allah.  Those who use musical instruments will be destroyed and “transformed into monkeys and pigs” (Bukhari, vol. 69, hadith 494v).  One hadith from the sacred collection called Hadee’s-e-Qudsi Ahmad (19:5) commands Mohammed “to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance.” Read more: American Thinker

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