George Galloway, notorious Jew-hater, gets owned by a Jew at an Oxford University Debate

Galloway, allegedly a Muslim convert, and the UK’s most infamous anti-Israel Member of Parliament, who blamed Israel for the chemical attack in Syria, got a little more he bargained for at a debate at Oxford.

George Galloway gets and honorary passport to Gaza from Hamas leader Haniyeh
George Galloway receives an honorary passport to Gaza from Hamas leader Haniyeh

INN (h/t Liz)  When it came to the audience Q&A session, after several minutes one audience member stood up and, facing Galloway, delivered a speech of his own, whilst holding an Israeli flag.

After Galloway claimed to feel “threatened” by the episode, the student, named as Jonathan Hunter, condemned Galloway for his support of Middle Eastern dictators, including former Iranian PresidentMahmoud Ahmadinejad.

When the Galloway retorted “you’re doing yourself a lot of harm,” Hunter responded: “I think you did a lot of harm to my friend Eylon,” after Galloway’s walked out of a previous Oxford University debate upon learning that the person he was debating, Eylon Aslan-Levy, was Israeli.

Parodying Galloway’s own remarks at the time that “I don’t debate with Israelis,” Hunter finished his stand by declaring “I don’t have a question for you, because I don’t debate with racists,” before unfurling an Israeli flag and making his exit, to the sound of applause from the audience.