Meet Tommy Robinson’s Islamic mentor in the year prior to his defection from the English Defence League to Quilliam, a Muslim organization

robinson-hugs-ansarIn a radio debate, respected British commentator and Islam critic, Douglas Murray, takes on Tommy’s alleged Muslim mentor, Mohammed Ansar (In June, before Tommy’s defection). He’s a smooth talking Muslim who paints a “moderate” picture of Islam. Are you buying any of it, BNI readers?

This from American Power: Robinson sold out counter-jihad to save his sorry ass from a long stay in a British penitentiary. By confessing his sins, abandoning his blasphemy from the religion of Islamist supremacy, and redirecting his firepower against those still standing for freedom in the West, he’s attempting to gain the good graces of the totalitarian forces now raising the black flag of Muslim tyranny over Europe. He’s the Marshal Petain of contemporary Britain, a former warrior against jihad injustice and Islamic death, now a craven turncoat surrendering to an Occupied Britain.