OOPS! Iranian man sentenced to death by hanging, survives the hanging, and will have to be re-hanged when he recovers from the first botched attempt

A death row prisoner in Iran is to be hanged for a second time once he ‘becomes well again’ after he survived the initial bungled execution. The 37-year-old man named as Alireza M was ‘put to death’ in the Islamic regime’s Bojnourd prison for drug offenses.


UK Daily Mail  After 12 minutes, he was certified as dead and taken to the prison morgue. But when his family went to collect his body the following day, they noticed he was still breathing and rushed him to hospital.

One family member told Iran’s state-run media: ‘When we were told the death sentence had been carried out, we went to collect his body to prepare for a memorial service.

A judiciary official told the state media: ‘The verdict was the death sentence, and it will be carried out once the man gets well again.’ Iran has executed an estimated 560 people this year – including around 200 that have been put to death since new ‘moderate’ president Hassan Rouhani came to power in June. 

Rouhani vowed to end the repression of the previous regime, but human rights groups have said executions have actually increased under his rule. Iran has the highest rate of executions per capita and puts to death more people annually than any nation except China.