‘CALIPHORNIA’ – Up to 20,000 barefoot Muslim headbangers lifted their asses to Allah on the field of Angel’s Stadium

6a01053627bef8970c017d3d057d34970c-640wiMuslim revisionists claim they are celebrating Abraham’s decision not to sacrifice his son Ishmael in exchange for a ram. But this is a lie, a damn lie. It was Abraham who was stopped from sacrificing his son Isaac, NOT Ishmael. (This is a Jewish story, NOT a Muslim story). And now they are fouling the infield at a Los Angeles baseball stadium while doing it.

LA Times  Thousands of Muslims poured into Angel Stadium and filled the morning with the sounds of prayer as they celebrated Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice, the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar.

Women are in the outfield behind the men
Women have to stay in the outfield behind the men

“Eid Mubarak,” men and women said in greeting, wishing blessings for the day. Youngsters skipped school, elders from across Southern California glowed with the spirit of the season – in culmination of the annual pilgrimage, called Hajj, a tribute to Prophet Abraham’s life and legacy.


More than 20,000 Muslims gathered at the baseball stadium in a historic event organized by leaders of three mosques – the Islamic Center of Irvine, the Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim and the Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove. 

The words “Eid al-Adha” glowed in neon under the Toyota and Metro PCS logos on the Jumbotron screen. It rotated with other Arabic terms, ads touting Quran and Saturday school, and a flashing “Vote on 11/6.” Melodic chants rang in the air.

And how do Muslims celebrate this lie? By sacrificing millions of animals in the most inhumane, agonizingly barbaric way they can.

In celebration of Eid, a little camel qurbani (sacrifice)

And right here in sunny Florida, cow qurbani:

And here’s an even more gruesome one:

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