GERMANY: Muslim illegal aliens say, “We are here to stay. We demand the right to stay here!”

u42025p0gwaThe mostly Muslim illegal invaders set an ultimatum for the Hamburg senate: Approximately 1000 people demonstrated in the Schanzenviertel for a different refugee policy – and demanded an end to the “raids” against Muslim parasites looking for free handouts from Lampedusa. ‘Hamburg?’ Hmmm, that rings a bell. Oh, now I remember, the 9/11 hijackers came out of the ‘Hamburg Cell.’

Islam vs Europe  At least ten police officers were slightly injured in riots that occurred during a protest against the refugee policy of the Socialist-controlled Hamburg Senate on Tuesday evening. Three activists were arrested for assault and resistance to the police, said a police spokesman on Wednesday.

With slogans like “No human being is illegal – the right to stay for all – everywhere” around 1000 participants, mainly from the left-wing spectrum, attempted to march through the Schanzenviertel in an unregistered demonstration. Almost 1100 police officers were deployed. Stones, bottles and fireworks were thrown at them. The officers used pepper spray and water cannon, the police said. Rioters also set fire to several tonnes of garbage and at least one car. They also damaged three police vehicles.

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