Guess what the most popular baby name in parts of Norway is. HINT: Not ‘Erik’ or ‘Bjorn’

norwayummaYes, BNI Readers, you are correct. It’s Mohammed and all its various and sundry spellings. According to SSB’s annual statistics of names, Mohammed has for several years been the most popular name in Oslo. Now two other municipalities in Romeriket, Nittedal and Lørenskog have caught up with Oslo. This fact pleases the leftist mayor of Lørenskog very much.

SIOTW  According to SSB’s [Statistisk sentralbyrå, the Central Statistics Bureau] yearly statistics of names, Mohammed in various spellings is yet again the most popular name in Oslo. What’s new this year however is that two of Oslo’s neighbouring municipalities, Lørenskog and Nittedal have caught up with the capital and the name Mohammed is now also the most popular name among newborn baby boys in these two municipalities. This is something that the mayor of Lørenskog finds very pleasing, according to the local newspaper Romerikets Blad:

“How excellent. This is great. Lørenskog is the third biggest immigrant municipality in Norway, only by surpassed Oslo and Drammen on a per-capita basis. There are people from all over Norway and the rest of the world living here in Lørenskog, so it’s not strange that many people called Mohammed live here. It is extremely exciting,” says Tovan. He considers Mohammed to be a completely ordinary name.

But that’s not all. Look what else Norway’s many Mohammeds are notorious for: