FRANCE: Muslim supremacists launch massive legal attack on free speech

quickislamfranceRLThree lawyers of the Ligue de défense judiciaire des musulmans (LDJM) [Muslim Judicial Defence League], including the criminal lawyer Jean-Marc Florand, filed a complaint on Tuesday against Charlie Hebdo, the Islamophobic (anti-all religions) site, Riposte laïque, the magazine Valeurs Actuelles, and finally Manuel Valls, the Minister of the Interior.

Charlie Hebdo attacks all religions equally
Charlie Hebdo attacks all religions equally

American Infidels  The weekly satirical magazine is accused of “provocation to discrimination, hated or violence with regard to a person or a group of persons because of their origin or their belonging or not belonging to an ethnicity, a nation, a race or a given religion”.


In July 2013, Charlie Hebdo published on its front page a drawing supposed to represent a Muslim declaring: “The Koran, it’s crap, it doesn’t stop bullets.”


The association against islamophobia also decided to file a complaint specifically in Alsace-Moselle, where article 166 of the Penal Code punishes blasphemy. Nonetheless, the Concordat regime in force in these three local authorities (Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin and Moselle) does not take into account the presence of Islam.



In addition to the judicial actions against newspapers or publications, Manuel Valls is also targeted. A petition has been filed with the Court of Justice of the Republic for “provocation to discrimination and hatred”. The complaint is aimed at remarks made by the Minister of the Interior on 19 August 2013 in which he said “within the next ten years, we need to demonstrate that Islam is compatible with democracy”. Source: Le Point