UK Muslims threatened by al-Shabaab terrorists get police protection, Tommy Robinson gets nothing

1379552973-1011919_518908641497982_572315585_nWell-known British Muslims are being offered police protection after a video was released by al-Shabaab threatening them for criticising jihadists in the wake of the Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich.  But when Tommy Robinson is threatened by Muslims in the UK and overseas, as he is all the time, police tell him to “shut up.”

UK Daily Mail (h/t Stephan)  Hate preacher Anjem Choudary makes an appearance in the video calling David Cameron and Therese May ‘pathetic foolish leaders’ and saying that the British Prime Minster and President Obama treat ‘Muslim blood like water.’

Mohammed Ansar, 39, a British documentary film-maker and journalist was one of the figures singled out in the hour-long video. Police visited him on Wednesday evening to discuss safety arrangement for him and his family following the film’s release. 

The hour-long video is titled ‘Woolwich attack: It’s an eye for an eye’ – it appears to have been taken from the words of Michael Adebolajo, who after killing Lee Rigby in May said to a camera ‘An eye for an eye & tooth for a tooth’. 

Mr Ansar gained prominence after condemning the killing of Drummer Rigby soon after it happened in May. On his blog Ansar’s on a Postcard he has described the murder as ‘sickening and heinous’.  He also made a BBC film about ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, who he famously hugged in the aftermath of the killing.


The video is not widely available on the internet, but it opens with the narrator of the film, who has a British accent, praising the death of Lee Rigby and inciting others in the UK to carry out similar attacks.

Harar 24, which saw a version of the film reported: ‘In the video certain Muslim scholars and community leaders are referred to as being on the “government’s payroll” for speaking against the Woolwich attack and “distancing themselves from the mujahideen” ‘.  ‘Al-Shabaab in the video claims that the Woolwich attack was a result of British foreign policy, for killing Muslims and for aiding the United States in their “war of terror”’ 

The narrator of the film, wearing a black mask and holding an automatic weapon, tells viewers ‘Do not waste your time trying to re-invent the wheel. ‘If you can’t afford to get hold of [a gun] then certainly a simple knife from your local B&Q will do the job.’ He told followers to ‘cut the necks of the disbelievers.’


Mr Ansar told the Guardian that police were now regularly patrolling his residence and keeping in contacting by phoning every hour.  ‘If they [jihadists] are going to start targeting British Muslims and set fanatical extremists against them then that is a frightening new dimension,’ he said.

On his Twitter page Mr Ansar wrote this morning: ‘My family and I would like to thank the wonderful @HantsPolice and @HantsChiefAndy all their hard work and diligence. ‘ 

Other figures threatened in the video include Usama Hasan, a senior researcher with the anti-extremist Quilliam Foundation and the imam and broadcaster Ajmal Masroor.  Mr Masroor wrote on his Facebook page that he was visited by police officers from Scotland Yard this week after he had put his children to bed.