Even covered in black from head to toe, American popstar Rihanna managed to offend the Muslim world by posing for pictures in front of a mosque in Abu Dhabi

Staff at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque say they asked the singer to leave the compound after her actions were considered to be at odds with the ‘sanctity’ of the site. She’s lucky they didn’t give her 100 lashes.


UK Daily Mail  Behaviour that violates the moral codes of access to the mosque, or other visit regulations – such as taking inappropriate pictures, posing in ways that are improper in the context of sacred place were enough to get Rihanna kicked out in what they call ‘a polite manner that reflects the civilizational and tolerant attributes of Islam.’ (HAH!)

Photos posted on her Instagram account at the weekend show the 25-year-old posing on white marble wearing a head-to-toe hooded black jumpsuit.


She is known for her raunchy outfits so the photoshoot was deemed conservative for the Bajan singer, although she made sure she had bright red lipstick and large gold accessories.  

But today it emerged that Rhianna and her team was not given permission to take photos at the mosque, the main place of worship for Friday gathering and Eid prayers.


A statement from the Centre said the singer ‘left without entering the mosque, after being asked to do so, due to the fact that she had taken some pictures that do not conform with the conditions and regulations put in place by the Centre’s management to regulate visits in a way that takes the status and sanctity of the mosque into consideration.’

Many of her fans attacked the singer for the photos which have since appeared on websites across the world. ‘Rihanna may look gorgeous and all but she’s covering her head out of fashion not out of respect for the mosque,’ wrote one user.

Is that leg showing on that woman in the background?
Is that leg showing on that woman in the background?

Another tweeter, @Ahmedcarter, wrote: ‘Rihanna pics at Sheikh Zayed mosque are disrespectful to the place of worship.’ @BinttAlthee tweeted: ‘Rihanna modeling in the Sheikh Zayed mosque is just plain wrong. Who let her in?’

On Instagram user msloca89 wrote under a photo of the singer: ‘This is very disrespectful even if she is covered she is not suppose to take photos in the mosque. I don’t think you would like to see a naked person taking photos in a church as well.’ 


While EmilyNovember wrote: ‘Are these photos serious? I can’t believe she is this wrapped up into her own ‘looks’ that she poses at a place like this. A place which represents the opposite of what she represents.’ 

Cultural expert Ali Al Saloom, the founder of AskAli.com, added: ‘I feel disappointed that she shared photos on Instagram that are inappropriate to the values of our religion and our Arab tradition, which values modesty and respect to the most important venue that has our father of the nation HH Sheikh Zayed’s graveyard. A mosque is not to be seen as a fun place, nor is it a place for filming fashion,’ reported 7DaysinDubai.


Nasif Kayed from the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Understanding said: ‘In all of the pics she is dressed from head to toe. ‘What is offensive about them? I’m sure that she was given the permission to be photographed in the manner in which she was. While each and all has their own opinion, in my opinion nothing in the photos is offensive.’

Rihanna hasn’t publicly responded to the actions by staff at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is a major tourist site in the United Arab Emirates’ capital.

Earlier this year Madonna, was criticised for adopting Muslim clothing after being pictured wearing a chainmail mask resembling a niqab.