While U.S. Marines are training Syrian FSA rebels in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, this is what the rebels are doing (WARNING: Graphic Images)


Not only are American soldiers training al-Qaeda linked Syrian FSA rebels in Jordan, now U.S. Marines are training rebels in Saudi Arabia, too…while the U.S. government is aiding and abetting.


The photo below was recently posted on a pro-Al-Qaeda site on Facebook. The victim: ‘An enemy of god.’ 


Here, they beheaded  a Nussayri Lieutenant, saying “in order to save ammunition we used the knife.”

(They should talk to Obama, he has hundreds of millions of extra hollow point bullets locked away for a rainy day)


This photo was taken in al-Houla (Homs), in the district of Taldo. The same district where a massacre took place in May, 2012, the Houla massacre.  The rebels slaughter pro-government civilians everyday. 


Here, we see a severed head of a man, being held up like a trophy by armed al-Qaeda fighters.