MUST SEE! Steve Emerson’s ‘The Grand Deception’


Jihad in America and the Muslim Brotherhood. Here is a 30-minute segment of Steve’s terrific movie, ‘The Grand Deception,’ which is opening in NYC movie theaters on October 25th.

More information on the movie here: The Grand Deception

The Grand Deception is an eye opening investigative documentary that traces the roots of Islamism in the United States.  This documentary explores the brotherhood and politics, commonly referred to as Islamism, and examines the influence of Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. This insightful film yet entertaining documentary also highlights the danger that Islamist influence poses for all Americans.

It also includes never-before-seen interviews with brave Muslim leaders, former FBI agents and federal prosecutors, a prominent Hollywood director, journalists, and even a top official of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood.

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  1. Sorry BNI but I’ll have to stop this video and save it to pass along later; I have an appointment in nearby city soon; plus just the first few minutes are beginning to piss me off and make me sick simultaneously…Ah, but that does seem to be my usual reaction to lying —-ing SAVAGES of the Muslime Bro-hood, particularly knowing they are indeed everywhere, including in the White House; stopped at about 7:50…resume later.

  2. Isn’t it ironic, the Tea Party who loves and tries to protect our rights under the Constitution is the one every Liberal wants to silence and protect the evil of this cultic religion.

  3. I probably will not be able to see this movie unless it comes out on DVD, is placed on the internet or perhaps some local group (Tea Party, etc) hosts an event and shows it. Which considering it is a new and first run documentary film, I don’t know if they would be able.

    In my part of the country there are about 3 theater franchises that own most of the single screen or multi-plex theaters throughout my area. Almost ALL always show the same standard Hollywood releases. If there is a few “stand alone” theaters, usually “historic” they show silent films or classics and the occasional special themed movie marathon (ie its Halloween season so they’ll show the 1930s Black & White monster films… or the 1970s teen slasher flicks starting at midnight… kind of thing).

    The screens that do show documentaries… are in theaters that are owned by “artsy” types, ie liberals who will show pics with lots of subtitles and PC multi-culturalism.

    I will keep my eyes out for it and will probably get to view it somehow… but I doubt it will be in a theater.

    Look for it to be protested by muz and CAIR groups if it does show. Since it going to appear in New York according to this article… SION, and other groups could have information tables out at any theater lobbies where the movie plays.

    Bonnie- I bet you and Mr. BNI are going to be at the premiere when it shows in New York. What will you guys do if some muzz starts to heckle or stand up yelling in the aisles to “protest” if this happens.

    What I hope happens they get pelted with popcorn and have a box of milk duds or junior mints rammed down their throat. Say???? Does anyone know if any concession stand candy is made of pork gelatin? Do concession stands in NYC sell pork rinds?

  4. This is already known by most of BNI’s readership, but it is a puzzle as to why when the facts are so clear and demonstrable our Western politicians are ignorant of this (can they be that stupid) or on board with helping the Ummah?

      • In truth the sum total as to why they act as they do is just probably that they dont give a damn about anyone but themselves.

      • Studied ignorance? Politicians cannot be expected to watch every documentary movie out there, and if they somehow didn’t hear some rumor of this movie, why would they ask about it?

        OK, so they do hear and summon an aide: “mohammed, what have you heard about this movie, “The Grand Taqiyya”, or “The Grand Deception”, or “The Moslem Botherhood”? “Yes, Herr Dhimmikrat, there is a movie called “The Grand Deception”, a vile piece of islamophobic white trash. Don’t waste your time on it. Just say you never heard anything about it.

        If anyone asks you to watch, say that you have better things to do with your time than entertain supposed threats to the US. You have culpable deniability this way”

        How to inform them? If one of the more capable organizations could snail mail, (registered), or courier the above video (a bit long at 33:40?), or The GD’s linked page, or this 7:40 YouTube selection of excerpts:

        maybe that would get their attention. The last has been watched by nearly 18,000 viewers in the year since the video was first shown. It should have been watched by 18 MILLION people. That’s a measure of the problem.

        The delivery should include an acceptance/delivery document, to be signed by a STAFF member, not a 16 year old / started yesterday / mail sorter. The document should plainly state that there is important, time-sensitive information, which the addressee needs to know, to prepare for future questions, and that deliberately delaying or trashing that information would be harmful to both the addressee, and the delayers. A copy of that delivery/cover note should be stapled to the DVD envelope. Might it be possible to have a legal/paralegal deliver to dhimmikrat and RINO leaders?

        The cover note should include a list of recipients: senators, congressmen, newspaper owners and editors, TV and radio producers and station owners operators. The list should be somewhat ambiguous about who all was included, in case someone (cair+FBI) tries to cut off that communication.

        I certainly can’t do that, doubly so from outside the US; but the people/organization that could create this movie, should be capable of ‘delivering’ it, or message of its existence.

  5. I bought this when it first came out… He was speaking at the ACT National Conference and said this was in some film festival so they were taking it off the market for a bit. Guess I got lucky.

    And I just saw an older version from the early 90s… I think it was right after the 93 bombing of the WTC…

  6. They are deceivers. They lie to us about jihad, they lie about their intentions to take us over, they lie about their customs and the meanings of those customs, they lie about the way they treat women, they lie about their belief in slavery, they lie about their view of paradise and how to get there. They even lie unceasingly to one another…they use craft (kitman)…they use taqiyya (sacred prevarication).

    They are enormous, proud, smug liars.

    They are deceiving us and laughing about how easy it is.

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