Terror-linked CAIR steps up its crusade to force New York City schools to close for Muslim holidays

Right off the bat, the CAIR spokesIslamist lies to Sean Hannity when he says Muslims comprise 13 – 14% of the school population. Apparently, both NYC Mayoral candidates have swallowed the Koolaid, as well.


At least “13-14 percent” of New York City public school students are Muslim? Let’s see, the 2010 US Census and the Pew Research Center put the Muslim population of the U.S. at approx. 2.3 million, less than 1%,

So why would the percentage of Muslims in New York City public schools be so much higher that the percentage of the entire Muslim population in the U.S.? If you take the most exaggerated figure that CAIR likes to promote, – 7 million  Muslims in the U.S – that’s still only a little over 2%. 

The question should be why is Sean Hannity giving airtime to a representative CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Muslim terrorist financing case in America? The Department of Justice has ordered the FBI to cut all ties with CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group with ties to Hamas and al-Qaeda.