Dhimmi Media in Uproar as “Stop Red Bill” Coalition Runs Bus Ads Exposing de Blasio’s Ties to Islamic Supremacists and Communists


“Nobody Puts Pamela Geller in a Corner” New York Magazine

Noted subway-uglifier Pamela Geller has a new target for one of her terrible ad campaigns: The “communist” Bill de Blasio, and his horrifying proposal to stop the NYPD from spying on Muslims without evidence of a crime. The new ads, set to go up in the week before the election, accuse de Blasio of essentially partnering with terrorists to turn New York into a communist hellscape. But as Geller’s blog reveals, her real beef isn’t with “red” Bill de Blasio, but with the news media who refused to cover her idiotic campaign.

Said Geller in a statement: “We held a press conference Thursday that was widely announced to expose the subversive, seditious and Communist candidate for New York mayor, arguably a job that is second in importance only to that of President of the United States. We exposed the Marxist and terrorist ties of Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill de Blasio.”

The media had been advised of this press conference repeatedly over the last several weeks. “However,” Geller continued, “No media was present. If a Soros-funded group like Media Matters or the Center for American Progress had announced that it was holding a press conference to expose Joe Lhota, there would have been a stampede.”

“Subway’s Islam hater Pamela Geller slams ‘Red’ Bill’ de Blasio” New York Daily News


What PAMELA had to say:

We have submitted an ad to the MTA to run the week before the election, telling the truth about the front runner in the New York mayoral race, Bill de Blasio. And the media is in a frenzy. The ad is necessary because the mainstream media is not telling New Yorkers the disturbing details of de Blasio’s career, associations, and plans for the city. And now, because of the mainstream media’s hatred for the truth and desire to get de Blasio into office, it has gone viral.

We held a press conference Thursday that was widely announced to expose the subversive, seditious and Communist candidate for New York mayor. We exposed de Blasio’s Marxist and terrorist ties. Cliff Kincaid organized an intense debriefing on de Blasio’s subversive past. Two and half hours packed with information, documentaion and news. Here is an 84-page leave behind from the event.

Concerned New Yorkers attended, but there was no media present, with the exception of Jennifer Fermino from the New York Daily News. If a Soros-funded group like Media Matters or the Center for American Progress had announced that it was holding a press conference to expose Joe Lhota, there would have been a stampede.

Did Fermino report on any of the blockbuster research on de Blasio? Not a word. The media won’t cover the shady, subversive history of Bill de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm. They won’t ask him about Ortega, Castro, Arafat, etc., or what he was doing in Cuba, Nicaragua, etc. But Fermino did report on our ad, busying herself not with looking into de Blasio’s positions and associations, but with trying to smear and insult me. As did New York Magazine, which called me the “subway uglifier.”


No matter. New York Magazine is running our ad. It gets the message out. Pretty or not.

The objective of the Stop Red Bill ad campaign is to get the news that the media ignores out to the voter. They won’t cover it, and they preen about that. It’s funny. The media reminds me of the hunchback who can’t see its own hunch. They are so biased, they practically boast about it. Is it any wonder that the subversive Sandinista is leading in the polls by 50 points? De Blasio’s huge lead speaks to a larger problem: not just the low-information voter, but the no-information voter.

This is why we created the Stop Red Bill committee, and we will be running advertisements across the New York City transit system.

Bill de Blasio has said that he will not allow surveillance of jihadi suspects and terror mosques. This although two New Yorkers were charged with plotting jihad terror attacks in the last week. And since 9/11, there have been plots against the Brooklyn Bridge, the subway system, the Stock Exchange, Citigroup headquarters, the Garment District, the PATH train, JFK Airport, Long Island Railroad, synagogues in the Bronx and Manhattan, Times Square, and more.


De Blasio has a great deal to hide: he has had a number of aliases and name changes. And it’s not surprising that he would want to cover up his past. He has aided the brutal Communist Sandinistas and ‘Palestinian’ jihadists, although he has scrubbed that from his website. He even supported the bloodthirsty President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Newly available documents from his years on the New York City Council years show him interfering with the work of the Manhattan district attorney when a New York teacher named Steve Quester was facing prison for working with jihad terrorists in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Quester called suicide bombers “desperate and hopeless” and said that “all the heartbreak flows directly from Israel’s policy” of “occupying the Palestinian territories.”And he recently appeared at a Muslims for de Blasio rally with Linda Sarsour, who has called Zionism “racism.”

His plans to increase taxes are the death knell of the city. The fact is, nearly half this city’s job growth has come from health care and social services. Who’s going to pay for it if he kills the businessman?

We have also started a website, StopRedBill.com, that provides further documentation of these assertions.