GERMANY’s ‘Die Freiheit’ leader says: “Muslims in the street threatened to cut off my head for Allah”

He adds, “Life in Munich now is like it was in the Third Reich when the Nazis came to power. Europe will go the way of the Roman Empire unless Islam is stopped.”

His t-shirt reads: ‘Keine Moschee am Stachus’ (No mosque at the Stachus) in the heart of Munich. This is the kind of leader who should be running Germany.


Ban Koran


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  1. Kingof – Size is important, but then again that’s why we Scotsmen have a Shi-in-dugh in our socks.

  2. good for him the only thing that will end this insanity of uncontrolled immigration is when Europe takes back her identity and changes the laws of the EU

    • Germany is one hope I have for eliminating the Muslim risk. They have people unafraid to speak that tell the truth and put an end to Muslim world dominance.

  3. He is going the EDL way…..he should stick to writing blog and passing out info pieces and speak to non muslims to create awareness about Islam , sharia and what kind of future to expect if this continues.

    until you get enough ppl who are with you and can make a politically big enough block , these street protests are easily targeted by islamic jihadis and their leftist supporters

  4. This man is a HERO. He must be given 24/7 police protection but clearly is not given it. Teams of civilian volunteers trained in defense MUST step forward and give this man and his family protection around the clock from violent Muslims EAGER to OBEY commands in the Quran and mosques to savagely MURDER and wage jihad against non-Muslims.

    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.

    Our people — non-Muslims MUST join and vote for the counter-jihad freedom parties! Must join the street protests. By not joining the counter-jihad freedom parties; by refusing to join street protests; by remaining silent, non-Muslims are NOT buying their protection! They are helping to bring about cruel, barbaric Muslim conquest of our beautiful, merciful Western civilization and condemning future generations to HELL on EARTH.

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers.


    Join Australian Defence League

    Join the EDL!

    Join Britain’s, Paul Weston’s counter-jihad party

    Ruthless, anti-human rights Western leaders REFUSE to speak out against
    Islam’s Global War on Christianity. SILENCE IS CONSENT!

    Listen to Paul Weston’s PASSIONATE plea: Islam’s Global War on Christianity

    “My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist”

  5. I am one hundred percent against non-Muslim military getting involved in any Muslim country and also against our military giving military training to Muslims. Muslims must fight their own wars.

    It is extremely WICKED that our military are sent out to FIGHT and DIE for Islam. Our military are forced to fight under ROE (Rules of Engagement) where the lives of Muslim terrorists are HIGHLY cherished and our soldiers lives are regarded as WORTHLESS. American soldiers are rotting in Ft. Leavenworth prison, prosecuted and jailed for many years because they defended their lives from Muslim terrorists.

    Stop the rabid HATE for our military! JUSTICE and FREEDOM for OUR HEROES! Our mission is to wholly support and work toward the release of The Leavenworth 10, a group of soldiers/Marines incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth for killing members of Al-Qaeda or Iraqi insurgents. These decorated and committed soldiers/Marines who honorably served their country—achieving a significant number of combat medals over multiple deployments—are now serving sentences ranging between 10 and 40 years…

    …..While these soldiers/Marines have been judged very harshly by the military, our military leadership is currently releasing imprisoned enemy combatants back to the battlefield. We request the same mercy for these troops, many of whom have been denied clemency time and again…..

    Allen West and the Leavenworth 10

    Over the years, America has pressured Israel to release THOUSANDS of savage Muslim terrorists from Israeli jails to rejoin the jihad against hated Jewish infidels.
    PROTECT innocents! Stop releasing unrepentant, savage Muslim killers!

    Release Jewish Jonathan Pollard from American jail, Jailed for Life for Protecting Israel!

    Stop sending out our military to FIGHT and DIE for Islam!

  6. When the Nazis were coming into power, people would be beaten up in the streets just for not returning the Nazi salute when the SA marched by. So now it’s the same thing, but with ragheads replacing the brownshirts. People seem to be determined to learn the same lesson The Hard Way all over again.

  7. LORD – My first thoughts were, where were his supporters?? – I thought it was a Rally he was at, it looks like he just put up a stall at a Sunday Market, but his words would have brought back memories to the old fella that came up behind him, good luck to him, we need more People like him.

  8. Sheik Yermami from “Winds of Jihad” said of this courageous man:

    “Michael Stuerzenberger is one of the most courageous men in Europe today. Every Saturday, and sometimes during the week, come rain or shine, he is out there in Munich’s town centre to warn people about the spread of Islam and the planned mega mosque/Islamic centre in Munich, which has to be a symbol of conquest, larger than the largest church, so that the howling of the muezzin can terrorise the people over loudspeakers and rouse the believers to fight. Stuerzenberger recently had his bank accounts terminated and the mayor of Munich, a certain Mr Uhde, has given warnings to publicans not to host Stuerzenberger and his fellow freedom fighters, which is a form of state sanctioned terror against an upstanding citizen…”

      • I looked for him via PI (German Blog):

        I gathered short tidbits like: His heroes are people like Geert Wilders and and the Swiss MP who successfully fought the Minarets infection Switzerland was threatened with (forget his name atm) there are videos of their meetings in Berlin and these connections alone were enough recommendation for me.

        The German ‘media’ reported this attack (if they reported it at all) with such disdain that a comparison with the nazi “Stürmer” is warranted. Apparently, after registering this video above, he returned to the stand, trying to collect signatures and he will do the same until he has collected the 34,000 signatures he needs (he says he has 24,000 so far) to challenge the criminal actions of the Bavarian “authorities” (mainly the corrupt mayor of Munich) to fast track the building of the biggest Mosque/islamic centre in Europe, financed by Qatar. Unfortunately these signatures have to come from Munich rate-paying residents.

        I fear very much for this man whom I would call, without hesitation, a hero in the “White Rose” mould.

      • Sorry about the belated “thank you for that” – somehow I could not get onto your blog for the last few days. Yes, Oscar Freysinger, the Swiss hero, is exactly the one I was alluding to. He stopped the minarets in Switzerland.

  9. Brave man! some of the greatest solders piolts and sailors come from germany. don’t let em push you around. like dogs it encourages them!

  10. Suggestion: Make it a habit to copy & paste foreign names, in order to avoid spelling errors and retain the diacritic signs necessary in other languages.

    Concretely in this case, it should read Die Freiheit.

  11. When I was in the Army there was a policy that when a soldier left the post on free time that they should go in pairs the avoid trouble with the locals. There is safety in numbers. Don’t let them catch you alone.

  12. ya gotta love this guy , out in the streets face to face with the enemy ,not backing down , hopefully soon there will be thousands of Germans on the street demanding an end to islamic immigration and deportation for these criminal filth from the third world

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