Why are French schoolchildren in public school being forced to learn their way around a mosque?

UnknownThe document shown here is an exercise given by a teacher in a 5th year class – the children are around 13 – in a secondary school in Bordeaux! They are being taught to find their way around a mosque! 

 Islam Confidentiel (h/t IslamvsEurope) They must therefore learn to locate, on the plan provided, which comes from the mosque in Kairouan, Tunisia, the placement of the qibia (the wall indicating the direction of Mecca), the minaret, the mirhab (“cavity symbolising the presence of Mohammed”,… or the minbar (the equivalent of the pulpit for the imam), which also give the children the opportunity to learn lots of new words…

Was this the teacher’s idea? Not at all. He has just used the history-geography manual for the 5th year published by Belin, which begins with a chapter dedicated to the beginnings of Islam.


Perhaps the answer lies in the immigration numbers, a vast majority of whom are coming from Muslim countries. Time to start putting quotas on these countries…like zero.

Midi Libre (h/t IslamvsEurope As you can see from this diagram, immigration to France overwhelmingly comes from the uncivilized world. Mainstream “thought leaders” constantly discuss immigration in economic terms but, as these figures make clear, work-related immigration constitutes a tiny proportion of the whole. The biggest part of the immigrant flow comes from family-related chain migration. This is colonisation, not immigration.