CANADA: Tens of thousands march in support of new Values Charter banning the wearing of religious attire in public

The people of Quebec have decided it so important to stop Muslim women from covering their faces with offensive niqabs and burqas, that they are willing to sacrifice the public display of most other religious symbols in order to pass this new charter.


Everyone knows this is all about Islam, but for the sake of fairness, the other non-supremacist religions must follow the same rules.

CBC (h/t Martin) Thousands of supporters of the Parti Québécois government’s proposed charter of values took to the streets of downtown Montreal Saturday in a demonstration organized by “Les Janettes,” a group founded in mid-October by the influential author, radio and TV personality, Janette Bertrand.


Noisy but peaceful, the marchers braved cold winds and rain to back Les Janettes, a group that grew from a letter published by Bertrand that argued progress on equality between men and women was taking a back seat to religious freedoms in Quebec.

The group has now collected 39,000 signatures for a petition that, among other things, calls for the charter to be renamed the “Secular Charter of Quebec” and for a clear line to be drawn between church and state in order to promote equality between women and men and defend women’s rights.

Muslims were joined by a few Jews and Sikhs in protest of the Charter


Organizers of Saturday’s event said the fact people felt compelled to attend the march despite the cold and rain is proof of how deeply Quebecers feel about the issue.

“It’s very touching for us to see that people feel our message and feel that they have to stand up for their rights,” said Julie Snyder, one of the founders of Les Janettes. “I think it’s the silent majority that is here today.”