‘SISI-MANIA’ SWEEPS EGYPT: Wildly popular, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the army chief who implemented and executed the ouster of tyrant, Mohammed Morsi, is seen everywhere now

sisi-egypt-gettyThere is also massive support for General Sisi to run for the next president of Egypt. Given his omnipresence on everything from chocolates to T-shirts to posters and jewelry, a stranger visiting Egypt could be forgiven for mistaking General Sisi for the country’s president. However, he currently serves as defense minister as well as deputy prime minister. Although he has said he will not run for president in the next election, expected in 2014, his popularity has many in Egypt thinking he may yet reconsider.


Of course, he is far from being loved by all in Egypt: his army helped oust Morsi, who was elected president in a runoff poll in June 2012 with 51.7 percent of the vote.

Some political commentators have made the case that ‘Sisi-mania’ may be just a bubble, and that Egyptians’ passion can be fickle and short-lived. Yet several Observers we spoke to in Cairo told us they don’t see his popularity waning anytime soon.


Wael Eskandar,  a blogger , who lives in Cairo, says:

“Sisi-mania is not just a smoke screen. People are mad about him! Part of it is induced by army propaganda, but it has succeeded – people are voluntarily putting up posters of him in their shops. And near my house, there is a store that sells chocolates with his face printed on them. The latest segment on Sisi by Bassem Youssef [an Egyptian TV humorist] is no exaggeration… [Editor’s Note: This segment showed Youssef ordering half a kilo of cupcakes with Sisi’s face on them. The cake vendor insinuates that he must not love Sisi very much, so he ends up buying all the cupcakes].

top choco

He is seen by many as a savior figure because he rid the people of the Muslim Brotherhood. And he possesses a lot of the charisma and oratory skills that have long been absent from our politicians. However, I don’t think a good speech is an alternative to bread and justice.”

bigger cake

“This is a normal reaction from the people after the mess and chaos of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule.” Sisi truly is everywhere, from rural areas to upscale neighborhoods. Not only is his face on posters and merchandise, but a song that was made to thank him and the army has now become a popular ringtone.


To me, this is is a normal reaction from the people after the mess and chaos of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule. I cannot be sure of the true motives that made Sisi topple Morsi, but I owe him a big ‘thank you’.

Besides intervening at the right time to save us from Morsi, Sisi has a decent way of speaking, with a warm voice. He reminds people of Colonel Nasser, and this brings him much, much closer than Morsi was to the Egyptian people’s image of a real ruler. I think he is growing ever more popular, and I’m certain that if he runs for president, he will win!


“Businesses associated with the Muslim Brotherhood have put up Sisi posters to protect themselves”

What is interesting is that you can also find photos of Sisi in places that are known to be pro-Muslim Brotherhood… For example, I saw a poster of him in an El Tawheed & El Nour supermarket. [Muslim Brotherhood opponents have accused this supermarket, as well as many other stores in Cairo, of being run by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Some of them even encircled one of the supermarket chain’s locations in late July, but were stopped by security forces]. The employees there likely put up the poster because they are afraid of being attacked again!

Obama-supports-terrorism-in-egyptAll of this makes Egyptians even more angry and disappointed in what they assumed was their ally, the United States and Barack Hussein Obama, who not only helped Mohamed Morsi come to power, but has continued to support him, even after 30 million Egyptians demanded his ouster. Obama has disgraced the United States by demanding that the Egyptian Army release Morsi from prison and restore him to power.

From Egyptian blogger, Eman Nabih, why is the USA still supporting Muslim Brotherhood Regime in Egypt? And Why USA insist on supporting Brotherhood after the ouster of their regime in Egypt?


USA claimed that they will always support the Egyptian’s will and will never interfere in Egyptian people’s choice. Meantime, the US still supports the Brotherhood, despite that the choice of millions of Egyptians on 30/6/2013, was to take the Brotherhood Regime down!

Why did the USA support the  January 25, 2011 revolution that had only 4 million people on the streets but did not support the one on June 30, 2013 that had estimates of 30 million on the streets? The US did not ask to visit Mobarak when he was in jail, but made several trips to see Morsi in jail. Morsi is charged with several counts of crime, corruption and murder, yet the Obama Regime wants us to free him.

Furthermore, US pressured the Egyptian authorities to release from prison not only Mohamed Morsi  but also  all the Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Their request was denied but Obama is still asking for their release.