BNI Readers: Please help impede terror-linked CAIR’s efforts to get our best counter-terrorism trainers dropped from a seminar for law enforcement officers

CAIRvivivi-viPlease send an email to the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) in support of the counter-terrorism trainers scheduled for a November 1st seminar at the Oklahoma Legislature.

CAIR  The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) today called on the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) to drop several anti-Muslim extremists (experts on Islam) who are scheduled to train law enforcement officers during a November 1 seminar at the Oklahoma legislature.


CAIR-OK said the Counterterrorism Caucus of the Oklahoma legislature will host a CLEET seminar, called “Iran, Hezbollah and the Drug Cartels: Counterterrorism Considerations,” on Friday in the Oklahoma House of Representatives chamber.

Speakers include notorious Islamophobe highly respected military officer Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin, who asserts that “[Islam] should not be protected under the First Amendment,” (because Islam is a dangerous political system that is unconstitutional) that there should be “no (MORE) mosques in America” and that there can be no interfaith dialogue or cooperation between Muslims and Christians (because Muslims are supremacists who want Islam to dominate and rule America).

Another speaker at the seminar is (renowned Islam expert) Frank Gaffney, who is named (along with every other person or group who tells the truth about Islam) in a recent CAIR ‘Islamophobia’ report as a member of the “inner core” of those promoting anti-Muslim bigotry. CAIR’s report, “Legislating Fear: Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States,” notes that Gaffney has been called “one of the country’s leading anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists.” (Gaffney’s 10-part video on the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our government and institutions is not a  conspiracy, it is well-documented and verifiable fact)

Clare M. Lopez, who is employed by Gaffney, will also help train the officers.



Send a POLITE email to CLEET Executive Director Steve Emmons requesting CLEET to ignore Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR’s demand that the above counter-terrorism trainers be dropped. Here is a good link you can use to provide information about CAIR in your email: CAIR profile

  • Email:

  • If you want to piss off CAIR, please include the following in the cc line:



Response to CAIR in video below: 



47 comments on “BNI Readers: Please help impede terror-linked CAIR’s efforts to get our best counter-terrorism trainers dropped from a seminar for law enforcement officers

  1. I just sent off my email to Director Emmons and gave him the names of Steven Emerson, Andrew Whitehead, Brigette Gabriel, and Neil C. Livingstone. I didn’t bother copying in CAIR because I find when they don’t know what’s going on it makes them nervous. Just to make it fun, I also copied in Rush Limbaugh on his email address in the hopes he might bring it up on his radio station.
    To the CAIR members who are reading this, you will ALWAYS be under surveillance by not only law enforcement but by the rest of us as well. We will not allow you to change this country and your whining complaints will continue to fall on deaf ears.

  2. Bonni,

    I sent remarks to Emmons that were both respectful but clear in their tone. There may be no mistaking the degree that the greater number of those posting here and who have conveyed their concerns, find the actions of the Oklahoma legislature to be injurious should the legislature acceed to GAIR’S demands.
    I know I faithfully represented all of you though did not reference this site at any time.
    Keep encouraging others to contact Emmons.

  3. I sent Mr. Emmons an exceedingly polite email and, hopefully, helped him understand through my own experiences by living among them how I see this evil insurgence.

    If Mr. Emmons is a thinking man, he probably already knows what CAIR is, but my worry is that he or his family will be threatened. This is happening and people have good reason to be afraid of them and the police need to be told when this happens.

    Our country has been so twisted that we hardly know up from down any more.

    Heaven help us all.

  4. Okay, well I hope they do understand French, if not they’ll have to call Romney to translate.

    Nah, kidding wrote them in English. As if we didn’t get bashed enough already, must be mad me ! :mrgreen:

  5. CAIR is WTF. I know, right They changed their name. Please include their new initials in every discourse Link to the money laundering scheme. Exposé them And uncle Douggie too. WTF/CAIR Or, CAIR/WTF. They’ ve kind of made it easy on us. It’s up to us to be consistent. Respect their new name! WTF !

  6. Did we, in WW2, allow Lou Rockwell and Henry Ford to pick and choose our anti Nazi trainters? Did we, in the Cold War, allow CPUSA to select our FBI and CIA trainers against Russian spys? So, why in hell should we allow CAIR and other Muslims to select those who teach our police forces about Islamic terrorism???

    I sent that message by emai. CAIR: FOAD!!

  7. I sent an email to Steve Emmons in support of the counter jihad trainers several hours ago.

    I just left watching Joel Richardson’s “Islam and the End Times” DVD’s. In addition to comparing Obama with the Antichrist, Joel reminded us that the Lord does not reward passivity. Joel went on to say that he was not going to passively let the Antichrist come and get him. Joel is a fighter like BNI.

    I was tired and started thinking “What’s the use of emailing Mr. Emmons, the Muslims are winning?” But then Bonni’s enthusiasm and consistent fighting spirit energized me.

    I am thankful for leaders like Joel and Bonni.

  8. Last time I tried to educate LEO “intelligence officers” about islam, they branded me a hater-racist-bigot and opened a file on me. They also claimed islam was above their pay-grade and that I’d have to talk to “the terrorism boys” (i.e: CSIS) instead. Next thing I know, my gun permit is being questioned because I “might be insane.” After all, if their political masters won’t ever dare to take on this largest of all global extortion-racket crime-syndicates, what hope does a lowly intelligence chief cop have? Best just to slander the messengers while abdicating one’s sworn duty and responsibility to serve and protect, no? Cops deserve to have rights – like to have the authority to order civilias around, and to get paid to do so – without responsibilities – like to actually protect the citizenry from too criminals, don’t they?

      • Mohan Gowda is your typical Indian christian convert fanatic..who does not respect other religions not just Islam……and will not miss opportunity to abuse other religions .

        Its due to people like him that there is often friction with other religions in India, mostly with poor hindus and illiterate , poor tribals.

        In Kashmir ,muslim majority region…..when they tried converting muslim to christians they were trashed and tortured and had to flee to save their lives.

  9. If nothing else, Emmons is going to be really well educated about the real nature of CAIR. I sent him three other links. There are dozens of them on the net. If he still gives in to them, it will either be because he’s intimidated or he didn’t bother to read any of our emails.

  10. sent a nice polite request that cair and all its friends kindly go back to school and try and learn a new trick as we are all not as stupid as they would like to think we are..also if they dont mind could they please stop having naughty ” relationships ” with our four legged friends in the animal world ..that would be nice thanks. ps men in maxi dresses is not a good look…pps get a shave…pps real men dont hit or beat women…ppps. the official term for “wives”under the age of sixteen is Child..ther i feel better now. have a nice day..

  11. CAIR is a fifth column propaganda organization that is funded by foreign governments and is tasked with destroying free speech and facilitating terror groups to expand and recruit without scrutiny in America and elsewhere.

    CAIR is trying to pressure Oklahoma into being deaf, dumb and blind with regard to the doctrine of jihad, the doctrine of the kafir, the doctrine of female submission, the doctrine of cruel punishments, the doctrine of Islamic political supremacism. Without studying these doctrines, Oklahoma law enforcers will be unable to recognize JIHADISTS when they see them, because they will not know the behaviors or vocabulary of jihad and the teachings that motivate the JIHADISTS.

    • Well said, perceptor! Wolves in sheep’s clothing only take the appearance of sheep. To the undiscerning and willfully ignorant the appearance often is of dramatic consequence and only realized when it is too late!!

  12. When War Comes… and it will!!
    We have a President in office, elected for the color of his skin. I had a woman tell me yesterday, I have never been so proud to say how far we have come, to elect a negro as President!! Martin Luuther King would tactfully disagree with her, because his establishing criteria was “Character,” for a determination should a man be fit or not in any capacity. It was not to be the color of his skin. Obama has the one chacteristic that all persons may acknowledge, yet not fully comprehend the lack of the other, and that is the dangerous place we reside in today.
    Obama’s character has been determined criminal and as such he should be impeached and imprisoned! His overheard remarks to the Russian ambassador in 2012 should be sufficient enough to be thought a declaration of contempt for the American people and the Constitution. He did this thinking with impunity he was not to be overheard. This was not done in the Rose Garden in front of witnesses, but contemptuously in a “Private “ conversation.
    What is happening in Oklahoma should not surprise us. And it is almost a foregone conclusion that some “Well meaning” authority figure will see to it that the legislature not be encumbered by the musings of “Haters.”
    The statement of Boykin’s is true. The Constitution of the United States is seen as “Shirk!” It is an invention of men, and not the “Pure word” of the Muslim allah. As such it is imperitive it be overthrown and it is Islam which is duty bound to see that it is accomplished by all means necessary. Even by lying, then by murder!!
    We are not going be any less imperiled than the hapless and forlorn in their misery, victims of the Armenian genocide which purposely slaughtered thousands upon thousands, or of the Holocaust of the Jews at the hands of the notorious SS under Hitler’s direction in WWII.
    The problem is, those who determine policy, are want to realize the danger. They exist under a dangerous delusion. As a result we all shall suffer.
    Recall that it was the President of the United States who informed the United Nations General Assembly, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
    Then who must it belong to, Mr. President? Your following remarks, “But to be credible…,” are a deception, because even a careless reading of the quran betrays the hatred for the Christ of the Christian world, and contempt for the Jehovah of Israel. Is the unbeliever any less suspect to the Muslim? All are “Infidel,” and as such, not being innocent, are subject and worthy of death. If you are not Muslim, you are not innocent. The death of the innocent is believed of the Muslim, to be only the unwarrented death of a fellow Muslim. You can kill as many “Kuffar” as you possibly may without injury to yourself. Should you die in your attempt well, then you are a “Martyr,” and before your blood hits the ground shall be in “Paradise.”
    This is Islam in it’s purest form. Deny it at your peril.
    It is an irony that even Muslims who engage in ferocious acts that may cause faint hearted ones to pause, may not be spoken against. And, it is not spoken against. This alone is the reason for the clamorous silence the world experiences when Jihad murders and maims thousands with impunity.
    It is coming here, and it shall be established in our WhiteHouse and Legislatures across the land because Americans now hold the God of Truth in contempt. Therefore He shall bring a strong delusion upon us, even as is being played out now.
    Websites such as this though important, shall not prevent what is to occur because the failure lies in a purposely ignorant and willfully disrespectful citizenry.
    We are under judgement.
    I speak to people all the time and the reply is always the same, “But our 1st Amendment…!!” That or some ill advised remark about religion.
    Boykin must be heard, though he has been slandered and held in contempt.
    As such we are left to our own devices and they shall fail us.
    Keep looking at Israel!
    An answer may be provided for you.

  13. You know what’s offensive? It offends me deeply when Muslims come into countries and think they can dictate to the people of that country what they are going to be allowed to learn to help them deal with Muslim radicals! We need to take a stand in North America that let’s them know we are not going to stand by and let them destroy our cultures to suit themselves! I did send an email to Steve just now! I wish more people would take a look around and see what’s happening! Shame on our governments for sending it’s young men and women to war to fight for freedom, and be killed while doing that! Then to utterly disrespect these young men and woman by not standing up for their own peoples rights to freedom and allowing these Muslims to come into our countries and take it’s peoples right to freedom away! Absolutely ridiculous !

  14. Take down CAIR NOW!

    And don’t forget all the other so-called “Muslim civil rights organizations” which are nothing more than scum MB fronts.


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