NYC bus driver under attack for telling a 10-year-old Muslim boy to get off the bus when he heard the kid praying and saying “Allahu Akbar”


Muslims praying on public transportation brings back memories of the ‘Allahu Akbaring’ the 9/11 terrorists and Major Nisal Hasan did right before they massacred thousands of Americans. Maybe New Yorkers are fed up with Muslims praying anywhere they damn please, blocking traffic while they lay down their dirty rugs and prostrate themselves in the middle of street?

NY Post  A 10-year-old Brooklyn boy recited a Muslim prayer in Arabic to help him find his MetroCard on a city bus — prompting the hellish nervous driver to call him a “terrorist” and toss him off, a new lawsuit charges.


The prayer is a common Muslim phrase used sometimes in the face of a challenge. (Especially right before they blow themselves up in a crowd) The kid said it as he was trying to find his card so he could get” home, said Hyder Naqvi, lawyer for the boy and his family.

The disturbing incident occurred as the child was boarding the B-39 bus on his way home from school in Sheepshead Bay around 2:45 p.m. in October 2012, according to the Brooklyn Federal Court suit.

Taxis Parked for Prayer NY

The flustered boy couldn’t find his card and sought a little divine assistance. “I start in the name of God, the most merciful, the most beneficent,” the boy said, according to the suit. The plea worked. The boy found his card and started to board again.

But the unidentified driver had a racist (what ‘race’ is Islam?) melt-down as soon as he heard the Arabic, spewing the slur and forcing the boy back and closing the doors, the suit says.


When the child got home, “he told his parents what happened, and they were obviously upset by it,” Naqvi told The Post. MTA reps met with them and provided pictures of various drivers to identify the accused bigot — but the family was never told who the person was, the lawyer said.


“They decided at that point to seek counsel,” (DING DING DING…stand aside, the CAIR litigation jihadists are on their way)

Charging religious discrimination and civil-rights abuses, the family is suing the agency and the driver for unspecified damages. The MTA declined comment.