This is how Muslims celebrate EID, the festival of sacrifice, and one of the holidays for which Muslims are demanding U.S. public schools be closed


Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR has been on a crusade to get American schools to close for two Muslim holidays each year. Several have complied. But I doubt that any of them have seen what the festival of ‘sacrifice’ actually entails.

Animals Australia  A terrified Australian sheep is thrown down violently and dragged by one leg across the rocky ground. Others lay dead and dying on the street around him. A foot stomps down on his neck. With a short blunt knife, his throat is sawn at, while his legs scramble in vain. When his throat is cut, he is left in the dirt, to bleed out, until he loses consciousness. His suffering is over. But for other Australian sheep caught up in the chaos, it is just the beginning.

This is called halal slaughter and it isn’t just for Eid. During the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al Adha) in Jordan and many other Muslim countries this year, thousands of Australian sheep were sold and brutally killed – in the streets, in filthy make-shift slaughter rooms, in driveways and in backyards – in breach of Australian law.