Israeli Arab MK, Hanin Zoabi, says: “Thank me for allowing Jews to live in Israel”

Why is this bitch still an MK? She is the one who was on the Mavi Marmara Gaza flotilla where Israeli soldiers were attacked. Hanin Zoabi, appearing on the Knesset TV Channel, says she should be thanked for “allowing Jews to stay in her homeland.”

Zoabi has been escorted out of the Knesset on more than one occasion for her filthy mouth
Zoabi has been escorted out of the Knesset on more than one occasion for her filthy mouth

INN  (h/t Maurice) On Tuesday, Arab MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) appeared on the Knesset TV Channel, and made a provocative statement that she should be thanked for “allowing Jews to stay in my homeland.” The comment came during the opening of her interview on the show “Political Bug,” hosted by Nehama Douek, and just a week after Zoabi received a mere 10.4% of the vote while running for Mayor of Nazareth, a post longtime incumbent Ali Salam won by a narrow margin over Ramiz Jaraisi.

This is not the first time her loyalties to Israel, which defines itself as the Jewish state, have been questioned. Zoabi infamously took part in the Marmara flotilla in 2010 which illegally attempted to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. IDF soldiers were attacked by activists on one of the ships and forced to defend themselves.


Just this August, Zoabi stated that she doesn’t regret taking part in the flotilla which broke the laws of the country she represents, even as evidence proved she knew in advance of the planned attack against Israeli soldiers.

Former MK Michael Ben Ari, in response to the statement, wrote on his Facebook page “who didn’t send a thank you letter to the terrorist Zoabi?” He went on to add “it’s us or them” in the name of Rabbi Meir Kahane, an outspoken Zionist and MK in the mid 1980s who was assassinated by an Arab terrorist in 1990.

In early October the Supreme Court rejected a petition calling for the condemnation or banning of Zoabi from running for a second term in the Knesset on the basis of her involvement in a terrorist act.

Miri Regev from Likud tells Hanin Zoabi: ‘Go to Gaza, you traitor… We don’t need Trojan horses in the Knesset.’