OKLAHOMA: BNI Readers, your emails helped stop CAIR’s efforts to intimidate and force law enforcement seminar into dropping expert counter (Islamic) terrorism speakers

CAIRvivivi-vi2CAIR used its usual strong-arm and intimidation tactics to try to force the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) to drop the trainers who they claimed are anti-Muslim. They were told, “We will ignore character assassination pressure and agitation from (terror-linked) Muslim groups like CAIR.”

ORIGINAL STORY: bni-readers-please-help-impede-terror-linked-cairs-efforts-to-get-our-best-counter-terrorism-trainers-dropped-from-a-seminar-for-law-enforcement-officers

imagesNow apparently, CAIR has its panties in a wad because one of their Islamist leaders was banned from attending the seminar, which took place today, Nov 1st.

Tulsa World  A seminar promoted by the House media, to be held Friday in the House chamber and billed as open to the public, is now closed to the head of an Islamic pressure group. The action comes after Adam Soltani, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Oklahoma chapter, criticized some of the seminar speakers as anti-Muslim and for holding Islamophobic views.


In a Monday press release issued by the House Communications Office, the seminar, dubbed “Iran, Hezbollah and the Drug Cartels: Counterterrorism Considerations,” is promoted as “open to the public and law enforcement.”

law_enforcement_guide-1“As we advertised, the law enforcement seminar is open to members of the law enforcement community and invited members of the public,” Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, said in an email to Soltani. “As you are neither, we must respectfully deny your request to attend.” Bennett is chairman of the Counterterrorism Caucus, which is sponsoring the seminar for which Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training credit is given. Bennett said the seminar ‘s purpose is to educate law enforcement officers regarding how to protect residents. It is not a minority-rights issue, he said. “When it appeared that we would have additional open seats, we opened the event up to invited members of the public,” Bennett said. “Contrary to erroneous information, this has never been an event that was open to the general public. Registration is now closed, and all spots are filled.”

The Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations was expected to hold a press conference following the seminar. (Now they are demanding that the law enforcement attendees not get any training credit for attending the seminar)