Residents of South Tel Aviv outraged that leftist Supreme Court wants to turn their neighborhood into multicultural Islamic slum

On September 16, 2013, Israel’s Supreme Court overruled an amendment that the Knesset tacked on to the country’s Anti-Infiltration Law in Jan. 2012. The amendment authorized the automatic incarceration without trial of all Africans who enter the country illegally, looking for economic asylum and benefits.


Electronic Intifada  Since the amendment came into effect, about 2,000 Africans have been jailed by Israel. The court now ruled that they must be released. The next day, on September 17, 2013, residents of South Tel Aviv, where about 30,000 African asylum-seekers already live, protested the court’s decision. 

3 YEARS = 50 – 60,000 Muslim infiltrators

3 YEARS = Israeli women cannot go to the market without being robbed

3 YEARS = Taking jobs from young Israelis

3 YEARS = Little girls can’t play outside

3 YEARS = Rape rates are soaring

Blocking the intersection at the entrance to the Hatikvah market in south Tel Aviv to traffic for an hour and a half, Jewish Israelis decried the court ruling, which mandates that the 2,000 Africans jailed in Israel on the basis of the invalidated law must be released within ninety days.


In the last several years, south Tel Aviv has become home to approximately 30,000 non-Jewish African nationals, most of whom entered the country by walking across Israel’s desert border with Egypt. (They have to go through Egypt to get to Israel, why don’t they just stay in Egypt?)

The overturned amendment represents part of the Israeli government’s unconcealed efforts to dissuade other Africans from arriving and to convince those already in the country to leave quickly.


Other anti-African measures implemented by the government include the construction of border fences and the refusal to grant refugee status or even temporary work permits to the vast majority of the asylum-seekers. Without any legal means of sustenance, most of the Africans remain on the streets, sleeping, eating and defacating in parks where Israeli children used to play, in  neighborhoods which were poor to begin with.

Some Israelis from the political left and center have urged the government to grant residency to the asylum-seekers, which would allow them to contribute to the economy, earn a living and relieve some of the economic burden on poorer neighborhoods like south Tel Aviv. But the political and religious right refuse to consider that option, since it vehemently opposes any proposals which would permit a significant number of non-Jewish persons to remain in the country on a long-term basis.

Southern Tel Aviv residents shout at the lefties who come from other neighborhoods to take the infiltrators to their homes if they want them so badly
To the lefties who come from rich neighborhoods in support of the African invaders, South Tel Aviv residents tell them to take the infiltrators to their homes if they want them so badly

In the last three years, angry residents of south Tel Aviv have repeatedly taken to the streets, marching through neighborhoods now populated by significant numbers of non-Jewish Africans, demanding that they all be expelled from the country.