U.S. Marine who warned about an insider threat in Afghanistan is facing dishonorable discharge

An insider attack that killed 3 Marines in Afghanistan last year is under new scrutiny as the U.S. Attorney’s Office in NY investigates the case and a congressman questions why an officer who warned about a serious threat beforehand received a career-ending evaluation.

Then-Capt. Jason Brezler meets with leaders in Now Zad, Afghanistan
Then-Capt. Jason Brezler meets with leaders in Now Zad, Afghanistan

Marine Corps Times (h/t Liz) The incident came amid a wave of insider attacks across Afghanistan and raised serious questions about the ease with which it occurred. The alleged shooter is a teenage boy named Aynoddin who worked for Sarwar Jan, an Afghan police commander, as a sex slave.  Marines in Garmser said Afghan villagers complained repeatedly that Jan invited Afghan boys to bases shared with U.S. forces for sex.

Brezler, a mobilized reserve Marine at the time, “immediately told his fellow Marines what he knew about the peril they faced,” and realized afterward that he passed “imminent threat” information classified as “NATO SECRET” over an unclassified computer network, King’s letter states. Brezler reported his mistake to his chain of command in the Corps, and subsequently received an adverse fitness report.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) says in his letter that it is “unfair for Maj. Brezler’s good-faith effort to warn his fellow Marines, of what sadly proved to be mortal danger, to derail his reserve career.” Read More